5 of the best coffee pods & capsules that we’ve tried

Published by Finn Hayden

Coffee pods, also called coffee capsules, have become a part of my daily life. Especially when I can't be bothered to clean up the pot. 

If you told me a few years ago that I could get a cup of coffee that is as good as a freshly ground pot of cafe within 30 seconds, with no mess, no fuss and just with a little pod, I would not have believed you. Now I'm a complete convert. 

It all started with Nespresso pods, but these days, some of the best coffee brands in the UK are producing eco-friendly pods with ther exceptional ground coffee. So, we ave decided to put together a list of the best coffee pods we've found in the UK.

Let's get into it:

Kiss The Hippo Coffee Pods

Kiss the Hippo has quickly become one of our favourite coffee brands in the UK. They don't only offer some of the best coffee beans in the UK, but also the best coffee pod.

They are a company based in London that sells three kinds of coffee capsules; their organic classic blend, their house blend and decaffeinated coffee pods. Each are just as good as the other.

A personal favourite is the house blend. It is rich, nutty and my machine produced a very lovely creme.

You can find all of the Kiss the Hippo products on their website (, or via their amazon profile.

Kiss the hippo Pods

Cafe Nero

If you're reading thinking; What? But Cafe Nero is a high street coffee shop? Surely they can't e good? Well, you'd be wrong.

Caffe Nero doesn't only produce the best coffee you can enjoy on the high street but they sell some of the best coffee pods you can buy.

The pods come in separate strengths but have a very similar flavour profiles. They are rich, nutty and delicious.

Like many pods, you need to be very careful about how much water you use to fill up your cup. For the best results, you should use between 2-3 pods depending on how strong you like your coffee.

You can pick these pods via your local Caffe Nero or by getting them in bulk on Amazon UK.

Cafe Nero Coffee pods

Rokit Coffee Capsules

Rokit are not simply a coffee company, they focus on a functional and healthy way to start your day. Their range of coffee and tea is infused with natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals and a range of active ingredients to improve yor well-being.

We tried the Concentration Boost and Immunity Boost coffee pods, and while we like the benefits, the coffee part was lacking. It wasn't as nice as some of the other inclusions here. But, we loved the fact that these coffee pods do something different.

We picked ours up from Tesco but you can find their whole range online.

If you're like us, and sometimes like something more from your coffee, then you can pick up the whole selection of Rokit Coffee (& Tea) pods from Amazon UK.

Rokit Coffee Pods

CafePod Intense Roast

The coffee pods from CafePod are made fro,m 80% recycled aluminium and the Intense Roast variety (pictured) won a Great Taste award in 2022. Made using a blend of Arabica & Robusta beans from South & Central America and Asia, as the name suggests the flavour is intense and delicious, with notes of warm spiced malt loaf. The CafePod brand is also sitting with an 'Excellent' rating on Trustpilot from more than 2000 reviews, which is very impressive. They're Nespresso compatible too, learn more and buy them here -

CafePod pods

Grind London

Grind are growing in popularity extremely quickly. They claim to have the most eco-friendly coffee pod in the world - a huge claim.

Regardless, the coffee pods that they produce come in a few different forms. From their light blend which has a lovely floral flavour and to their dark blend which is richer and nuttier.

Other than the quirky branding, what separates Grind from the crowd is its approach to finding exceptional coffee from an ethical source. Especially when we're talking about coffee, it is important to ensure that those who produce the coffee are given a fair wage and the farms treat their staff ethically.

Grind is fighting this battle on our behalf and we should thank them for it.

You can pick up some of the Grind eco-friendly coffee pods via their website, or grab them with next-day delivery on Amazon prime.

Grind coffee pods

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