Best Coffee Beans We’ve Found In the UK

God, what would I do without a fresh brew of coffee in the morning!? I think I may have ruined instant coffee for myself just by switching to coffee beans for this post.

To me, and most like for you if you're reading this, coffee is so much more than a source of caffeine. It is a wonderful representation of many countries around the world and opens a world of extraordinary flavours. Something to look forward to first thing in the morning.

Seeing that we are huge coffee fans, we decided to have a look at some of the best coffee beans you can buy in the UK.


How we have decided which Coffee beans are best?


To define exactly what constitutes the best coffee bean it's almost entirely subjective. Some people like strong coffee, others like light and delicate coffee and there are those of us who care implicitly about the ethical standards and environmental impact of coffee cultivation itself.

So we have gone through some of the most popular coffee bean brands, and have attributed each brand of coffee to its own category.

We will be looking at the location from which each coffee comes, the company itself and the quality of the beans.

So, let's get into it:

Kiss the Hippo

Without a doubt, Kiss the Hippo is certainly one of the best coffee brands in the UK.

Other reasons for their success, excluding the multiple awards and countless 5-star reviews, are mainly related to the quality of the coffee.

The brand offers numerous coffee blends which have been sourced around the world. There are some coffee beans from some really interesting locations, Like China, Honduras and Guatemala.

The brand also has a few cafes in London where you can sample the coffee once it has been expertly brewed by highly trained baristas.

We're extremely impressed with Kiss the Hippo and we're excited to try more coffee. Our full review is coming soon.

We can't fit everything we like within this but see more information on their website:



Kiss The Hippo Coffee Beans

Lunji Farm (Tanzania)

Interestingly, there are rumours that Tanzania produces coffee that is exported to its neighbour and then sold abroad under their brand & origin. This country is often quoted as producing the best coffee beans in Africa (if not the world) but a huge percentage of that coffee comes from Tanzania. You can guess which one I may be referring to.

I think it is about time that Tanzania is also recognised as an exceptional coffee-producing country, and there is no better example than Lunji farm. They are a German/ Tanzanian family-owned farm in Mbeya and export their coffee to the EU. If you want world-class coffee, directly from the source, then look no further.

I have been ordering this coffee for a few years now and think it is worthy of a mention.

You can learn more about the coffee and the team via their Instagram profile:


Lunji Coffee Farm

Grind Coffee (London)

Grind coffee or an extremely interesting coffee brand from London, UK. Of course, the coffee itself does not come from London however it is imported and roasted locally.

Other than being one of the highest-rated coffee brands in the UK, ground are dedicated to becoming one of the most environmentally friendly too. They claim to have the world's most eco-friendly coffee pod which is quite a bold claim.

In essence, grind coffee is a coffee subscription Company where you can purchase a regular delivery of coffee every month. First, you can purchase a jar, then purchase a refill bag.

Your refill coffee bag will contain a house blend of coffee that has been derived from around the world, you are able to choose which country you would like to try that month. Currently, the coffee beans are from Ethiopia, brazil, Rwanda and Colombia.

There are so many options with Grind coffee so if you wish to check out more about the company visit their website here:

Grind coffee

Rave Coffee

The Italian job blend by rave coffee has been quoted previously as the best coffee beans in the UK. They have been included in lots of media publications which tells us they must be doing something right.

Rave coffee is also part of the 1% for the planet initiative. It means that they will be donating 1% of every sale towards environmental protection schemes. A shade of pure honesty, 1% is extremely small and unlikely to make any difference. It is potentially a nice marketing and branding decision.

The branding, company ethos and messaging are all very tight and seems quite processed. This is not a complaint, so long as the coffee is good, which it is.

For more information about the product chosen as the best coffee beans in the UK, then check out the Rave website:

Rave Coffee

Grumpy Mule

Grumpy Mule coffee beans are organic, award-winning and listed with great taste. So, if you don't believe our recommendation then you can be confident in the crowd of approving bodies around them. They offer some of the best Coffee beans the UK has to offer.

A personal favourite from Grumpy Mule is the coffee from Honduras. It has a floral note to it, which makes it interesting, but still holds on to it's body and pepperiness that makes coffee... well, coffee.

The best place to grab a bag of fantastic coffee beans is on where they stock their whole selection.


Grumpy Mule Coffee

Edinburgh Coffee LTD

Although the Edinburgh coffee company are based in Scotland's capital city, you're likely to find their coffee across the UK. You'd think that they would be a local coffee company, but actually, their presence is felt as far as London.

In my mind, they sell some of the best coffee beans we've found in the UK, and the Sumatra Lington beans are a personal favourite. They are Java varieties (originally from Indonesia) which means they are bold, full-bodied and rich with flavours of dark berries and chocolate.

Personally, I love a strong coffee so this coffee bean is my goto.

If you fancy some lovely coffee from Edinburgh then check them out here:


Edinburgh Coffee Beans

Redemption Coffee

Redemption Coffee is a super interesting coffee brand. The owners themselves are specifically interesting. Ted and Max (Co-Owner of Black sheep Coffee) met at the University of St Andrews. and developed an underground coffee scene in London.

What strikes us about their brand (other than roasting some of the best coffee beans in the UK) is their social impact. They are advocating for the reskilling and retraining of those who have been incarcerated. Their aim is to upskill individuals while they are in prison, to improve their chances in life and to reduce the rates of reoffending. Very noble and unique in the coffee industry.

The branding of the coffee is where this company shines. I adore the packaging and the bright colours. It is clever and rather unique.

So, if you'd like great coffee that helps to rehabilitate members of our society, check them out via their website:


Redeption Roasters

Throat Punch

Throat Punch coffee sells some of the best coffee beans we have tried, and they roast their coffee near their base in Edinburgh.

Throat Punch coffee started its story during the global COVID pandemic when it sold coffee online via its website. The windfall inspired them to open their very own cafe.

The coffee is very interesting and is sourced from a number of countries, including Ethiopia and India.

The whole concept behind Throat Punch is to produce coffee with some punch. They specialise in punchy, earthy flavours with a huge dose of caffeine.

For more information about their coffee, check out their website:

Throat Punch Coffee

 Kuona Coffee (Tanzania)

East African coffee is quite often hit-and-miss with some people. The coffee is grown at very high altitudes in slightly acidic soil, meaning that the coffee can be whiney, and slightly sour but beautifully floral.

We found that Kuona's dark roasted coffee is a wonderful happy medium between a rich, strong and pungent Colombian coffee and the famous East African floral elements. It is both sweet and punchy in equal measure.

The coffee brand itself is also extremely ethically friendly and takes care of its environment. The coffee is produced in Tanzania by family-run coffee plantations which insures its workers are enjoying a fair wage, and using environmentally friendly traditional production methods.

Kuona Coffee also puts money back into the Tanzanian community with its project to fund education in the country. With every purchase, your money will be going to Learning resources, Kiswahili books and educating children across Tanzania.

To find out more about the coffee and the social purpose check out the Kuona coffee website.

Kuona Coffee

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