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The best chocolate vegan protein powder you can buy in the UK (top 6)

We've published an entire guide about the best vegan protein powder we've tried, but we had a few readers specifically looking for chocolate vegan protein powder, so we thought we'd publish a separate guide for them. Vegan protein powder doesn't always great, but we definitely feel that the chocolate flavour vegan protein powders tend to be the nicest tasting. We wanted to round up the best chocolate vegan protein powders that we've bought and tried, let's get into it:

Gold Standard Plant Protein Chocolate

The chocolate flavour whey protein from Gold Standard is probably what we'd describe as our go-to protein powder, but we have to say that this chocolate flavour vegan version of the Gold Standard protein tastes really good. Made with a blend of pea protein and rice protein, you get 24 g of plant protein per scoop, plus 4 g of naturally occurring BCAAs. We also love to see that this protein powder is made using real cocoa powder. As well as being vegan, it's also gluten-free and ow in sugar and fat. Overall, we're impressed with this. Learn more and buy it here -

Gold Standard plant protein chocolate

Protein World Vegan Blend Milk Chocolate Flavour

The chocolate vegan protein powder from Protein World is actually quite hard to get your hands on, but if you can buy some we definitely recommend doing so. We find this Milk Chocolate flavour powder to be really great-tasting, plus it has a really rich and creamy taste with no added sugars. Made using a blend of pea, hemp and quinoa protein, as well as green tea extract, guarana extract, this product is packed with goodness. On top of that, it's made with natural flavours, so that chocolatey flavour is actually coming from real cocoa powder. Learn more and buy it here -

Protein World Vegan Blend milk chocolate

Pulsin pea protein natural chocolate

Some people don't like drinking pea protein, and we can sort of understand why - often it doesn't have the best taste. But the chocolate flavour Pulsin Pea Protein is really tasty, and is great for either drinking or mixing into food (it goes great with oats). Made using Cacao Powder and natural flavours, this vegan protein powder has a really rich flavour and is really tasty. It's by far the best-tasting pea protein we've tried, learn more and buy it here -

Pulsin Pea Protein

USN Diet Fuel Vegan

This vegan protein powder is made using a blend of pea, soya, and rice protein, and packs a whopping 26g of protein per serving. We've tried the Strawberry and Vanilla version of this protein powder, but we think the Chocolate flavour is the best by far. It's made using real cocoa powder and you can definitely taste that. Learn more and buy it here -

USN Diet Fuel Vegan chocolate

Form performance protein chocolate peanut

The Form Performance Protein Chocolate Peanut might be the best chocolate vegan protein powder we found in terms of ingredients - it contains no added sugar or artificial flavours, and all of the plant protein in each packet (pea protein, brown rice, and pumpkin seed) is organic. It's technically chocolate peanut flavour, but we've included it in this guide because the chocolate flavour is great and it's actually made with real peanuts. We really love this product, learn more and buy it here -

form performance protein

PHD Smart Protein Plant (Chocolate Cookie)

Regular readers of our blog might recognise the PHD Smart Protein brand from our low calorie protein powder guide, but you might not have realised that this brand also does great vegan protein powder. The Chocolate Cookie flavour plant protein powder is delicious and despite having a nice sweetness to it, this product contains no added sugar. If you're a vegan who loves chocolate cookies, this is the protein powder for you. Learn more and buy it here -

Smart Protein plant

Hopefully, this guide helps you to find some great-tasting chocolate vegan protein powder. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if  you have any other recommendations for us. Also, check out our similar guides about the best vegan chicken alternatives we've tried (many of which are high in protein) and the best vegan burgers we've tried

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