7 of the best CBD vape pens we’ve tried

Published by Finn Hayden

It is so easy these days to buy cannabis. Did we catch you? We're not talking about the plant that is still illegal in the UK, but hemp-derived products which contain a high percentage of CBD.

While the trend of CBD oils and CBD gummies has been raging for a few years, CBD vapes and pure CBD extracts are becoming much more popular as an 'active' alternative to smoking or vaping. It is easy to understand why many vapers are wishing to swap their nicotine vape for CBD; it is not addictive, is calming and great for a better night's sleep.

We have previously written about the benefits of vaping CBD but we thought we would compile a list of the best vape pens (and cartridges) we've used over the time of our research (and enjoyment).

So let's get into it:


Price: £40

We found CBDiablo's vape included as one of the strongest CBD vapes in the UK, and we'd agree with that. Where the vape lacks in flavour it takes over in strength.

We found that compared to the other vapes here, the flavours were less subtle and maybe a little too much. It left a tickle in our throat but the effects were very profound.

After two or three vapes of the extract, everybody in the office felt very, very relaxed and quite sedated.

After asking a few questions we had been advised this was due to the full-spectrum extract and the large airflow created by the vape cartridge itself.

If you are looking for the strongest CBD vape we've tried, then check out the company via its website:

CBDiablo vape

The Long Leaf

Price: £30

We recently met the team from The Long Leaf when they spoke to us about their new range of products. They also sell CBD vape cartridges - which are bloody great.

The vapes themselves are flavoured with a 'live resin' terpene blend which are derived from real cannabis strains. The terpenes from the vape are flavourful and very smooth. They almost coat your mouth and you can taste it long afterwards. Plus we got a little sample pack of free CBD gummies.

The effects are very strong and the effects are noticeable after two or three draws. When we compare this vape cartridge with others we have tried, it is clear how powerful this is. The extract is full-spectrum with a meaningful content of a very wide range of minor cannabinoids.

The Long Leaf

Some of the other reasons we like this vape so much are the elements like the packaging, the little holder tube and the brand in general are very appealing. It is fun, funky and the quality of the packaging is second to non. It's so good you could put it on your wall.

The service, delivery and our experience with The Long Leaf was brilliant from end to end which enables us to make this our best vape cartridge choice.


The vape comes as a cartridge and vape pen package. You can learn more on the company's website:

CBDlife Vape Cartridge

Price: £24.95

The CBDlife vapes is where we started our sampling run.

The brand produces a range of CBD vape pens and cartridges with a good selection of flavours. Each flavour is inspired by a cannabis strain which means that each has a different effect. We tried the Granddaddy Purple which was very nice. Some notes of berry in there and was absolutely very calming.

The vape's effects were very subtle and didn't have a heavy feeling that you get from some of the other vapes on the list. This is maybe down to the broad-spectrum extract that is used in the vapes. It has a much lighter feeling than the full spectrum.

For the price, the CBD life vape cartridges are some of the best we have tried.


CBD life

CBDlife Vape Pod

Price: £24.95

CBD life also sells a CBD vape pod system which is more similar to a traditional vape set-up. The best CBD vape pens are usually those that use a pure extract, but for those who enjoy a more traditional vape experience will prefer something like this. 

The vape pod is designed to contain a PG and VG mix that is infused with CBD. You can buy the Eliquid with the pen kit from the website with Spearmint, Blackberry and   Strawberry. 

More information about these products are available via their website:


CBD life

Just CBD

Price: £24

Just CBD are a London Based brand who have a very interesting disposable vape on its website.

The unique 2ml cartridge system contains a full spectrum extract and makes vaping really easy. There is no need to fiddle about with cartridges or adjust temperatures. All you need to do is pull this pen out of the box, and draw.

The extract is infused with terpenes which provide the flavour of the vape and its effects. We tried Northern Lights which is an Indica strain.

The vape is hot on the throat and has a very faint metallic aftertaste. This happens when the cartridge runs too hot or the terpenes are of lower quality.

You can check out the Just CBD vape pen via their website here:

Just CBD Disposable

High Kind

Price: £24

A brand that always comes highly recommended in this space is High Kind. It seems that the brand has focused heavily on flavour and a true terpene experience. There are multiple different terpene types and plenty of flavours to choose from.

The vape we enjoyed had OG Kush terpenes which had a beautiful floral flavour with almost no peppery or hot aftertaste.

It only took a few long draws in to feel the effects of the vape and overall a very enjoyable experience. We would highly recommend High Kind.

All of the products and more information about High Kind can be found via their website:

High Kind


Price: £69.99

Provacan is an Israeli company who have a strong base in the UK. They have curated their CBD vape pens with Kanabo who sells a very unique pen and pod system. Each contains a distillate extract with carefully curated terpenes.

While other products on this list are about flavour, it seems that Provican has tailored its product to have a more medical application.

The vape pen is actually super expensive when you compare it to others here, but the quality is certainly there.

We did not experience any burning throat or coughing at all. It was a nice, pleasant experience and will be great for older people or people who do not vape.

You can learn more about their products by visiting their website:


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