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Best CBD Paste (Raw Hemp Extract) We’ve Found in the UK

While we were researching and testing out a range of the best CBD oils we were also advised to try out what is often called 'CBD paste' or hemp extract. This is said to be at the very top of the tree in terms of effectiveness and offers a truly natural and authentic hemp supplement. The idea is to take a hemp flower as it is in nature, extract the best bits and blend it up into a paste. The resulting paste is as natural as it gets, and contains a natural full spectrum of cannabinoids and full 'nutritional set' of hemp 'bioactive compounds'. 

Truly, it seems that if you're in need of the most effective canna-derived supplements then hemp paste is what you should be indulging yourself in. 

So, we've done some research and we have selected the very best hemp and CBD paste that you can find in the UK. 


The Long Leaf

Currently, our top selection for the best CBD paste you'll buy in the UK is the extract from The Long Leaf. There are several reasons why:

Firstly, the branding is super cool and funky, and they are cannabis specialists. The hemp extract is great and very, very effective. Although the taste is less than exceptional, the effects are almost imidate and you only need a tiny bit to get the best of the benefits.

The paste is organic, 100% natural and the company have added live resin terpenes (the highest quality apparently) to give the extra a day and night function. You can choose between 5mls (1000mg) and 10ml (2000mg) and their prices are very, very reasonable.

They have gone to the length of putting their paste into a glass tube too which is much better than the usual plastic. All in all, this is our favourite hemp paste.

For more information and to buy this paste it is available on their website:

The Long LEaf CBD paste


Always very high on our lists is CBDiablo. Their paste has become legendary and is always very highly reccommended online - particularly on Reddit where people are most often brutally honest about their experiences.

The tube contains 1000mgs of CBD and is 100% natural, containing a naturally occuring nutricious set of hemp bioactive compounds.

The first impressions when taking the paste was that you could feel the effects right away. The taste was not quite as harsh as others, and the paste was much smoother. It made the delivery much easier.

All considered this is a fantastic paste and we highly recommend the brand and its products. For more information, you can see their website here:


CBDiablo CBD Paste

Bristol CBD

A small brand hailing from Bristol, Bristol CBD sell one of the best and strongest CBD paste products from the UK.

The hemp extract contains 30% CBD and 3.4% CBG in a 10ml tube. That is a whole 3400mg of CBD in the tube. Which is very strong.

The paste was indeed as strong as we anticipated and effects were immediate. What we found is that it was easy to take way too much and became quite sleepy afterwards. If you need the strongest CBD paste you can buy, then you need to grab one of these.

The only thing that we struggled with was the price of the paste. For a month's supply, £100 is a fair wack. That is our only real concern

For more information about the strongest CBD paste, then head along to Bristol CBD:

Loveburgh Raw

1000mg Raw CBD Paste, a completely unprocessed and unrefined treasure that you'll find in health food shops right across the UK. This full plant extract embodies the essence of hemp, boasting a rich symphony of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids.

While predominantly abundant in CBD, it proudly showcases an elevated presence of CBDa, adding to its holistic potency. Within its spectrum lies a harmonious blend of cannabinoids like CBG, CBGa, and CBC, creating a synergistic effect.

The Loveburgh CBD paste excells thanks to it's purity and vitality of nature with their raw paste which a testament to the untamed power of the hemp plant.

For more information about the CBD paste, you can visit their website.

Loveburgh Raw Paste


 Amma Life's 30% Pure CBD Whole Plant Extract Twice Purified, a premium full spectrum CBD paste crafted for potency and effectiveness. Produced by emerging British hemp company, Amma Life, this Dutch Hemp CBD is meticulously derived from superior flowers and processed through advanced supercritical CO2 extraction, resulting in pure CBD paste. Packed with a diverse profile of 85 medicinal cannabinoids and numerous terpenoids, it offers optimal potency. Sourced from EU organically grown, legal hemp, the paste is devoid of pesticides, GMOs, and chemicals. Available in various sizes, the 1g option allows economical testing of the high strength 30% +CBD paste before investing in larger sizes. Ranging from 300mg to 3000mg of CBD, these syringes cater to varied needs. Notably, this food supplement, free of curative claims, showcases Amma Life's dedication to quality and innovation, supported by three decades of hemp industry expertise. Enjoy the natural benefits of this translucent, pink-hued CBD paste, a hallmark of Amma Life's commitment to excellence.

Final Thoughts

Each of these CBD pastes is fantastic, and which is best depends on your personal preference. Each is great so try them all out if you can.

Hopefully, you've managed to find the best CBD paste for you and if you'd like to add a suggestion, then you can include it in the comment section below.

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