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Best Camping Pillows We’ve Explored with in the UK

When camping, it is the small details that make the difference between an insufferable, and a somewhat comfortable experience in nature. If the hard, uneven, rocky floor wasn't bad enough - imagine forgetting a pillow. Also, you can't just take any old pillow. You're going to need one that is ideal for camping. One that can be folded away, is resistant to water and is also light enough to carry around. 

We've tone quite a bit of exploration and we've found what we believe are the best camping pillows across the UK. We've updated this post for 2023 and checked out all of the newest camping pillows. 

Let's get into it: 


Cosy home - Bamboo Travel Pillow

Designed in the shape of a regular home pillow, it seamlessly contours to your head, neck, and lumbar, providing the soft support you love while camping in the wilderness (or staying in hotels with rubbish pillows). The Cosi Home camping pillow is a versatile square, long pillow that ensures optimal comfort in any sleeping position.

With this pillow you can customize your comfort by adjusting the neck pillow's thickness with shredded memory foam. The pillow quickly regains its full shape once removed from its compression travel bag, making it an ideal travel companion for planes, trains, cars, and outdoor activities, complementing your camping gear and travel essentials.

Made from an antiallergenic bamboo blend with a breathable weave, this memory foam travel pillow is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. It's suitable for adults, kids, the elderly, and those with sensitive skin. A bonus cotton cushion cover allows for continuous use between washes.

The pillow also comes with its own lightweight design and waterproof travel bag. The bag features an elastic strap and clip, easily attaching to your cabin bag, luggage, or backpack. Easy for camping.

For more information, check out the amazon page for more details:

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 08.32.08


Many may not consider this to be the best camping pillow, but it is extremely good value for money and easy to grab when you're in Sports Direct.

The pillow itself is easy to fold up, sits easily on the outside of your bag or inside and is a comfy for how much it costs. I have had this bag for years now and I bought it as an impulse purchase.

As you can see from the picture, it has been hiding in my garage ready for my next hiking adventure.

Gelert Camping Pillow

Quechua (Decathlon)

I think Decathlon is brilliant. You can get almost anything you need for camping there, and most of it is good quality.

Decathlon sells a camping pillow by Quechua which is one of the best camping pillows in this list. The inner section is made from a 100% foamed polyurethane which is designed so that it is firm enough to support your head, but can be squished and rolled into a fraction of it's original size. The pillow comes with an outer layer or zipped pillow case that is made from cotton and polyester - so it is soft, yet durable and quick drying if it gets wet.

The pillow comes with it's own carry bag too so you can attach it to your bag or stuff it to the bottom without taking too much space.

You can find this bag in your closest Decathlon store or via their website:

Decathlon camping pillow


With two adjustable height levels (2.75"/3.94"), the flexitailgear camping pillow provides natural neck alignment for a restful sleep outdoors.

It is super easy to inflate deflate it rapidly within seconds, meaning it is remarkably compact and lightweight. It easily fits into your backpack and folds down so it takes up only a tiny amount of space.

Made with skin-friendly 50d brushed stretch cloth, the pillowcase incorporates imitation silk cotton for moisture absorption and enhanced comfort. Its design reduces noise between the head, pillow, and built-in airbag, ensuring a better sleep quality.

Cleaning is a breeze as the neck contour pillow is washable, maintaining hygiene after every trip.

If you want the best camping pillow for comfort, this may well be it.

You can find the product on 

Jökel camping Pillow

Whether deep in the mountains or on a lengthy flight, this pillow ensures a healing rest.

Shedding bulk without sacrificing cosiness, it inflates swiftly and deflates to a compact size, fitting neatly into its portable stuff sack.

Adapt to your sleep style with the adjustable valve, accommodating various positions and preferences. The pillow's construction harmonizes softness and support, combining a supple outer shell with a resilient thermoplastic urethane bladder.

The Jökel camping pillow has been reviewed on several other articles about the best camping pillows, and we'd agree with their assessment. It is a very ergonomic design, and you'll get a great night's sleep.

For more information you can find the product here:

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 08.28.26


The best camping pillow in term of value for money is going to have to be a home branded Amazon product.

First off, the camping pillow folds down to 5x3 inches, which is smaller than a can of coke. It also only weighs 100g.

The pillow is designed with an arc for comfort - whether you place it under your waist, head, and neck. Whether you're lying down or sitting up, this pillowis pretty comfortable and robust.

It is also made from soft elastic polyester fabric which is is coated with durable and comfortable TPU plastic. The TPU-coated ripstop fabric is sturdy yet still soft. It is also very easy to clearn.  

This may not be the most luxurious option, but it is certainly one of the best value for money camping pillows on this list.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you've managed to get some use out of this post and that you find a pillow for your long nights out in the wilderness, or travelling.

If you have any thoughts about our post then please leave a comment in the section below.

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