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The best caffeine chewing gum we’ve tried

Caffeine chewing gum is now part of the essential supplement kit of sports people, students, caffeine addicts and long-haul drivers. It has been proven by a mysportscience study to be a super effective source of caffeine for a quick dose of energy and focus.

The popularly pushing caffeine-infused chewing gum seemed to have started with Blockhead's Energy gum but it's rampaging enough that there are plenty of other brands starting out to sell caffeine-infused gum.

So, let us run through the best Caffeine chewing gum brands across the UK and where find them.


Blockhead Energy

The obvious inclusion here is, of course, Blockhead. They are the leading brand of caffeine chewing gum in the UK - and we're sure one of the originals.

The Blockhead Energy gum is peppermint flavoured and contains 5mgs of caffeine, Ginseng and vitamin B. The quality of the gum is second to none, and the packaging is fantastic. It feels really quality and looks great.

You can pick up Blockhead gum at just about any petrol station in the UK, lots of supermarkets and Amazon UK.



Blockhead CBD Gum

Healthspan Pre-Workout Caffeine Gum

We have previously reviewed the Healthspan CBD oil selection and vitamin D and saw that the company have a range of caffeine-infused chewing gum.

Healthspan are a huge company that are involved with sports and performance right across the UK. They have a great reputation for quality and everything we have used from them in the past has been fantastic.

Their Caffeine chewing gum is no exception. They are actually Informed Sport approved and won the 'Best Pre-workout product' at the ESSNowards2021.

You can take a further look at the product on their website:

Healthspan caffeine chewing gum

Furocity by Tyson Fury

If you're unsure who Tyson Fury is, you must have been living under a rock. Besides being the current super heavy-weight boxing champion, he has transcended into an all-time classic boxing legend and a media personality.

It looks like Fury is creating the beginnings of a sports performance brand using his name. The brand looks as though it has been set up for energy drinks, but they also offer one option of Caffeine Chewing gum. The reviews aren't the best on the Amazon store, but the product has just launched and we thought the flavour was pretty good.

The gum contains 40mgs of caffeine and a like of B12.

All of the Furocity products are available, with next day delivery, with Amazon prime UK 



Furocity caffeine chewing gum
Furocity by Tyson Fury

We hope this guide helps you to find some excellent caffeine chewing gum! Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us. If you prefer to get your caffeine boost from coffee then check out our guide to the best instant coffee we've tried.

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