The best boob tape we’ve found (that actually works!)

Published by Finn Hayden

Boob tape, tit tape. Whatever you like to call it is an absolutely essential dress accessory for the wedding season. Or, if you love a flowy dress and you don't need an occasion. The thing about looking fine in a dress is if you have larger breasts then you may find it difficult to make your dress fit right or there is a very good chance that one (or both) of your boobs makes a surprise appearance on the dance floor.... and a bra is out of the question. It will just ruin the whole look.

That is why you need Boob tape. The tape is designed (often comes with nipple covers) to contour and hold your breasts in place without the need for a bra. It will ensure that everything is kept high and tight - without the straps showing out the back of your beautiful dress.

Like strapless bras, getting the best boob tape is easier said than done. Some simply don't stick correctly, aren't strong enough or aren't up for the job. So, we've done the hard work for you and found what we believe is the best boob tape you'll buy in the UK.

Let's get into it:


Best Boob tape (For Large Breasts & Best on Amazon)

  1. Letrate
  2. Bye Bra
  3. Leneso
  4. Deilin
  5. Bra Pads


The best boob tape that I've ever used is this one. It is cost-effective and does the job as well as higher priced tit tape products on Amazon.

The tape itself is made from stretchable material, which provide a comfortable fit for various body shapes.

Each package includes application instructions for a secure and reliable fit - even for larger breasts too.

There are size options available, they cater to different cup sizes and body types.

The one thing I do notice is that they do not have darker skin tones for their nipple covers. It isn't the worst thing in the world, but I would like something to match my darker skin tone.

For more information you can find this product via

Boob tape

Bye Bra

The Bye Bra pull-up nipple covers are also fantastic. They are one of the best boob tape style products that do not need so much fuss.

They are clearly designed with the idea of adjustability in mind, the "Multi Pull Up" suggests a dynamic wear that can be easily adjusted through the night. The product is a soft material nipple cover, with a durable adhesive pad that can be adjusted up or down as you need.

The adhesive pad too is quite strong enough for those of us with bigger boobs. If you're looking for the best Boob tape for large breasts you'll find that these pads may actually be a great alternative.

You can find this product on the company website, or something similar on

Bye bra Pads & Tit tape


The Laneso Extra Long Boobtapes are some of the best you can find in the UK.

The adhesive tape is designed by Laneso and is similar to many of the other inclusions here - however, you do get a little better value for money with this particular tit tape.

The "extra long" design of these tapes ensures extended coverage and added support for bigger boobs too.

What sets these tapes apart is their reusability, offering an environmentally-conscious alternative while maintaining all the functionality you need. Their self-adhesive nature makes them convenient to apply, granting freedom of movement and comfort.

Whether it's a plunging neckline or a backless ensemble, these tapes provide a discreet and practical solution. Available in different sizes, they accommodate diverse body types and cup sizes.

You can read more about the product their profile on



The Deilin sell one of the best boob tapes on Amazon and his innovative product offers a discreet solution for achieving the perfect look while providing essential support.

The Deilin Boob Tape is comfortable and painless. Made from skin-friendly and latex-free material, the tape is gentle on your skin, and a skin allergy test can be done using the small test tape. Removal is effortless without irritation - and the pads are reusable.

The adhesive quality is exceptional, even on hot days, making it secure for all-day wear, including through activities like dancing. It's designed to stay in place and offers comfort without feeling restrictive, providing the freedom of not wearing a bra.

The package includes bonus nipple covers that are soft, pliable, and protective. The tape is extra-long at 23 feet x 2 inches, and its grid back allows for precise cutting to fit different breast sizes and outfits. Suitable for A-G cup sizes too.

For more information about this boob tape, check it out on (it is one of the best boob tapes on Amazon without a doubt).

Bra Pads

The reason for to include these pads, is as an addition to some boob tape that you buy. Sometimes, especially for those with large boobs, you need more than a nipple pad.

These bra pads come in all sizes and are designed with an adhesive back side which sticks to your boob, and clips to hold your boobs together. For extra support you can attach tape to the top of them to give you extra support for those long nights on the dance floor.

They are the perfect middle ground for those of us who need more support and comfort. The ones I picked up also have a nice design on them.

I picked mine up in John Lewis but there are many different places that sell very similar things.

Bra Pads

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