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Best board games for grown-ups (Our favourites)

Whoever said that board games were just for kids has clearly never played a good grown-up board game. If you're looking for a fun and engaging activity that doesn't involve a screen, look no further than the excellent board games we've included in this list:

Mantis Falls - best for a hidden traitor strategy game

If you fancy yourself as a good judge of character, then definitely give Mantis Falls a shot. This game is interesting in that it could require teamwork between the players (2-3), or there could be a hidden traitor within the team waiting for their moment - it's up to you to figure it out. We love this blend of strategy and player interaction and think it makes for a really unique game experience. Plus, the story attached to the game is excellent (we won't ruin it for you). 

You can buy the game from Amazon here -

Mantis Falls board game

The Crew - Quest For Planet Nine - best for an exciting space adventure

A good board game can really get the creative juices flowing, and we think The Crew - Quest for Planet Nine is a great example of this. To get across the Solar System, you'll need to complete 50 different missions with your team. Communication will be key in this card game, but when you're in space communication is much more difficult! This game is suitable for players between the ages of 10 and up, but we think it is great for grown-ups especially. 

You can buy the game from the Thames and Kosmos website here -


Ducklings - best for parenting pros

Board games can be about anything, and sometimes the simplest ideas can be the best. That's exactly how we feel about Ducklings, a board game based on the hardships of parenting, created by Aims Zhang, Timothi Lim, and James Collins. Not only is this enjoyable, but it's also surprisingly emotional. The game is straightforward to follow - teams of 2 work have to work together to get their 3 ducklings to their new home. As the players navigate their ducklings through various obstacles, the game challenges the teams to make difficult moral and strategic decisions. We love the design of this game, especially the illustrations of the ducks.

If you'd like to get your hands on Ducklings, you can buy the game here -


Boom Again - best for an Ok Boomer board game

If you're proud of your Boomer status, definitely check out Boom Again. It's a great game that pokes fun at the idea of Boomers and is definitely one to play if you're a little older. Check it out!




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