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Best Berberine Supplement We’ve Found in the UK

Recently, there has been a lot in the news about weight loss injections. For a little while, they seemed like a revolutionary way to lose weight quickly and almost effortlessly. However, these injections are starting to be marred with rumors of serious side effects and life-threatening conditions.

In the interim, Berberine is taking up the slack. There are two major studies that recently showed that a daily supplement of 300-3,000mg of berberine extract a day can help with weight loss (3kgs). The study showed that the trial was most effective for women (females) and also required a minimum of 3 months if roughly 1000mgs per day.

There is also much to be said about Berberine's reported benefits of being able to lower blood sugar, lower overall cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. Overall it supports heart and cardiovascular health too.

However, because this product is trending, it is hard to know which brands to trust. Plus, many of the reccommended products online are based in the USA. So, we have put together a list of what we believe are the best berberine supplements that we've found in the UK.


Best Berberine Supplement We've Found in the UK


Not only is this one of the most comprehensive berberine supplements we've found, but it is the one with the highest review rating on several platforms (including Amazon).

What makes this so great is the fact that it is a blend of Berberine, Red yeast rice, CoQ10, Policosanol, Astaxathin, Folic acid and Vitamin B. Each added thanks to their support in cardiovascular, bones, joint and heart health.

The tub contains 120 capsules which pack in 500mgs of active compounds to maintain your blood sugar levels, support weight loss and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

The best place to learn more about what we believe is one of the best Berberine supplements in the UK is on



One of the more cost-effective supplements you'll find is from this brand. They offer a complete Berberine extract capsule which contains a huge 1500mgs of Berberine. That is a lot.

Each tub only contains 30 days but the huge dose of Berberine is what studies recommend daily, so each tub will last for a month.

This brand is well know for many of its other healthy capsules that are worth your time too. You can find more information about these capsules right here:

Nutri-things berberine


We have included Vegavero in several round ups, and we have included them in this list because they are one of the higher rated Berberine supplements that is on amazon.

The capsules contain 500mg  of Berberis aristata extract (350mg is pure berberine HCl - very nice). They have also combined the berberine with 200mg of aged black garlic extract for added synergistic effect. Again, supporting heart health with the added ingredients.

We rate this brand and they are very popular in france. While they may not be our choice for the best berberine supplements in the UK, they are well up there in our estimations.

You can learn more about the product here:

Berberine Capsules

Final thoughts

There aren't many examples of great berberine supplements in the UK, but what we have here is a selection of the best that we have found.

If you have any suggestions for products we should research, or if you have taken berberine before and noticed some amazing results, you should leave a comment in the section below.

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