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Best Beer Subscriptions & Beer Boxes in the UK

Simply put, there s nothing greater than an ice-cold beer on a Friday after work. To be absolutely honest, the odd Tuesday is delightful too.

These days what makes my chill-out time extra special is the sheer availability of new and interesting beers that I have yet to sample. From citrus pale ales, sour beers, IPAs and just very nice lagers. I generally get a box of beer from family and friends (they all know I like beer) and love the hit-and-miss of it all.

There are several large companies that offer beer boxes which contain about a month's supply of new, different and interesting beer options.

Seeing as we're coming around to the season of giving, it got me thinking: which box subscription services and beer boxes are the best - and which services have the best selections of beers.


Flavourly is a beer subscription company from Edinburgh and they are one of the biggest in the beer game.

They work alongside award-winning breweries across the globe to produce beer boxes that any beer lover will adore.

It is hard to describe the sheer amount of beer box selections on the website, but you can be sure there will be something for everybody. Plus, the selection changes all the time and you can create personalised boxes too. We're also really impressed to see that Flavourly has a 'Great' rating on Trustpilot from almost 8000 reviews. Plus, as a nice extra we got this Flavourly glass (pictured) with one of our boxes.

Check them out here:

Flavourly glass


Amazon? Amazon do beer subscriptions?

It can't be true! But it is. Believe it or not, it is possible to order a beer subscription from Amazon but the options here are quite limited.

The way to set up a beer subscription is to search for beer boxes/ beer hampers and when you have found the box that look like your thing, select the 'subscribe and save' option rather than the standard checkout.

It does two things: you can get a recurring order whenever you want t to come, usually on prime next-day delivery - and 2, you will get up to 15% off depending on the box you choose.

It isn't the best, but does the job. Check out all of the beer boxes on Amazon here.


Amazon Beer Subscription
Amazon beer box

Beer 52

I recently got my hands on a beer box from Beer 52.

Another Edinburgh-based company, Beer 52 was Founded by James Brown in 2013 (Co-Founded by Fraser Docherty) after a road trip with his father through Belgium. HE wanted to travel every month to find new ad exciting beers, thus the brand was born.

The company are one of the biggest beer box subscriptions in the UK, and is considered the best by many - they have a few awards to their name too.

The beer subscription starts at £27 and you can choose between a mix of dark and light beers or just light, and the rest is a surprise every month.

It is possible to buy some of the beers individually, but what is the fun in that? 

Beer 52

Beer Hawk

Beer Hawk are most well known for their unique draft machines (called: perfect draft) and kegs . What you may not know, is that they also do beer box subscriptions: called Beerbods.

The way it works is for £24 you receive a box of 8 beers, every 8 weeks. That is a bottle a week. What makes this service so interesting is that they also have a club membership where you get a newsletter telling you the story and extra information about that week's beer.

The beer itself comes from all over the globe and includes huge UK brands such as Tiny Rebel.

If you love beer, and like the sound of being part of a little community then Beer Hawk may actually be your jam.

Beer Hawk

We hope this guide helps you to decide which is the best beer subscription service for you. We've got lots of guides about beer so if you want to read something similar then feel free to check out our guide to the lowest carb beer you can buy or our guide to the best gluten free lager you can buy.

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