Best bed for a rabbit that we can find in the UK

Believe it or not, rabbits are the UK's third favourite household pet. A nice little stat to impress your friends at a dinner party: about 2% of the UK own a rabbit. It is estimated that there are 1.5 million rabbits in the UK kept as pets.

It is certainly easy to see why you'd want to keep a Rabbit over a cat or a dog. They are small, intelligent and generally low maintenance. THey come in a variety of breeds, sizes shapes and levels of fluffiness. They are generally quite safe and are good pets to keep around children. If they bite, it is because you have a wild one or you've done something to upset it. 

Rabbits generally live between 8 to 12 years if kept properly, so you really should be investing in a bed for your Rabbit. You know, to keep them warm and comfy at night. 

So, we've done some research and found the best bed for a rabbit that is available in the UK.

Scruffs Thermal Self-Heating Mattress

The mattress is usually for bigger pets, but if you want to really go all out on a rabbit bed, then I think this will make your pet's dream come true.

The mattress has a layer of foam, which is backed with reflective foil is sandwiched between quilted hollow fibres. It allows your rabbit's body heat to warm up the bed and keep your pet nice and toasty.

The cover is an extremely soft fleece and can be removed for washing and easy drying.

So, whether you have multiple rabbits, a bunch of pets or one very spoiled bunny, this is the rabbit bed for you.

You can pick one up from Barks & Bunnies for just under £50 here:

Scruffs thermal self heating bed


If you buy any bed for a rabbit, it has to be a cute one. Otherwise, what are you doing with your life?

The Pawchie is potentially one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  Ok, I'm being dramatic.

While the little bed is designed for a Ginnea Pig, it is very possible to put your rabbit in there and know they will be very happy with their life.

For a cool £20, I personally would be buying the Pawchie. Thats just me though. I like fluffy things.

You can find it on Amazon UK

Elephant rabbit bed

Pantula Guinea Pig Bed House 

A small rabbit bed with it's own ears? What's not to love about this?

Not only is the bed a warm, safe, soft and cuddly little home for your pet but it has multi-purpose and is suitable for most small pets. You can actually crush the bed down into a bed without a roof.

What's more is that the bed has been fitted with a carry hangle so you are able to take your little fluffy friends out and about, and give them a safe little home to hide in.

Fitted with a soft fleece inside, a no-slip rubber dotted base and a zip to bring the home down, this is one of the most functional beds you can buy.

You can pick it up on Amazon Uk for under £20. I'd say that is a bargain.


Small Animal House

Pets at Home

When buying online, it is easy for things to go wrong. You generally have no idea what it is you're buying, or the quality of the thing, until it arrives with you.

If you're one of those people (like me) who would prefer to go and feel out the perfect bed for a rabbit, then you'll be best served by going in to Pets at Home.

They stock a very cute little rabbit bed with a hood that will be a perfect little hidy hole for your pet. It has a soft fleece layering inside and a soft cushioned finish.

For under £20, you can pop into your local pets at home and have it home before you know it.

For more info on the rabbit bed, you can check out the Pets at Home website:



Pets at home bed


It does exactly what you expect; just pink with little carrots and bunnies on it. That is what makes all the difference.

The Ranypet is a cheap and cheerful bed for a rabbit, with slightly more robust outer layering. It is easy to clean, has a non-slip bottom and (as you can see) a lovely funky pattern.

There isn't much more to say about this bed but you can find everything you need to know on Amazon uk. Where this bed lives.

Pink Rabbit bed

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