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Best Barefoot Shoes (& Brands) We’ve found in the UK

Barefoot shoes are a new trend sweeping the UK's feet. If you've found this article then you've likely been researching the benefits of barefoot shoes and you're now looking at the best ones you can buy. Well, there are several brands out there, and some are much better than others.

So, today, we're going to look at the best Barefoot shoes that you can buy in the UK, and explore the best Barefoot shoe brands too.

Let's get into it


Best Barefoot Shoes & Brands in the UK

  1. Vivobarefoot - Primus Lite Knit (Best For Gym & Weight Lifting)
  2. Vivobarefoot - Primus Lite III (Best For Beginners)
  3. Freet Vibes (Best For Running)
  4. Xero - Prio (Best Value)
  5. Vivobarefoot - Magnus (Best Everday Barefoot Shoe)
  6. Vivobarefoot - Tracker (Best Barefoot Hiking Shoes)
  7. Merrell - Vapour Glove
  8. Vibram - FiveFingers KSO Evo (Best Toe Separated Shoes)
  9. Vivobarefoot - Novus (Best Barefoot Fashion Shoe)

Vivobarefoot - Primus Lite Knits (Best for Gym & Wieght Lifting)

If you're into your sports, and you need a shoe that gives you a barefoot feel - whether you're weight lifting, running or walking - then the Primus is the shoe you need. 

The Primus Lite Knit is by far the best barefoot sports shoe that we have tried and we highly rate it. 

Not only are these the slickest, smoothest looking shoes, but the shoe is also robust and comfortable, as well as being light and giving you a great connection to the ground. The sole is flat and really does work your toes. 

The shoes are fantastic for the gym or if you're using them for a casual stroll, you're going to love them.

What sets this show apart is the ankle which holds the shoe firmly on your foot, and they fit like a pair of gloves.

Check them out here via or by visiting their website:



Vivobarefoot Primus Knits

Vivobarefoot - Primus Lite III (Best for Beginners)

The Primus Lite III's by Vivobarefoot, are spectacular. They are only very slightly different from the Primus Knits, but enough to give them their own section. The main difference between the two is the style of the show itself, but also the ankle support. We think that the knits take the top spot due to the extra comfort, but the Primus lite III will save you a little bit of money, and are just as good.

If you're into either of the vivobarefoot ranges, the Primus is the very best for beginners, simply down to their comfort, and the fact that they will not break the bank. Barefoot shoes aren't for everybody, so if you're unsure check out the Primus Lite III model.

Check them out here via or by visiting their website:



Vivobarefoot Primus III

Freet - Vibes (Best For Running)

The Vivoabrefoot primus shoes, we think, are fantastic. They are great for sports, running or going to the gym. However, there are lots of reasons why you would look for a Vivobarefoot alternative. Freet are your shoe.

The Vibes are the best barefoot show we have tried for running. There are a few reasons for this. They are very comfy and light with a soft upper layer which is made from soft recycled material, and they have a slightly thicker 3mm sole, compared to the 2mm Primus sole.

The extra thickness adds to a little more shock absorbtion and allows you to feel more comfrotable for longer running. They are also sleek and have more grip compared to the Primus... plus they are significantly less expensive.

Overall, we highly rate Freet and really enjoyed trying these shoes out. You can learn more about them and buy them from the freet website here:


Freet Vibes

Vivobarefoot - Magna Trail (Best Everyday Shoe)

The current top spot goes to the Vivobarefoot Magnus trail. They are fantastic barefoot shoes that we rate extremely highly.

They are light, durable, flexible and very comfortable. Compared to the other Vivobarefoot shoes, they have a slightly thicker sole, so you can cover more challenging terrains. Personally, I do not like to feel rocks under my foot so these are great. They also give a little more protection on concrete

They have a wide toebox to allow your feet to move inside the shoes and also a completely flat sole which gives you extra feeling in the foot.

These are great for an everyday walking shoe whether that be walking to work or going for a casual few at the pub.

Check out their website for more information about the shoe:


Vivobarefoot Magna Trail Review

Vivobarefoot - Tracker II (Best Barefoot Hiking Boots)

Barefoot hiking boots may sound like a bad idea, but once you've gotten used to the new way of walking you'll realise that it is much easier to get purchase and glide across the rough terrain.

While you would expect that a walking shoe should have a thick, protective sole, there is some reason to feel the ground you're walking on.

The Vivobarefoot boots are our pick for the best barefoot hiking boots because they are waterproof, and have a punctureless sole with a thermal insole to keep your feet warm. All while ensuring that your foot is flat and that your toes are fully engaged while walking.

For more information about these shoes, you can find their barefoot on their website:

Merrell Vapor Glove

Merrell is not known at all for their barefoot shoes, but they are one of the best producers of hiking boots on Earth. Even used but the military in rough environments.

The Vapour Glove is one of the best models of barefoot shoes you can buy in the UK, and there are several styles for whatever you need them for. Whether you need some new trail shoes, smart shoes or running shoes. There are several generations of the shoes and each of them have fantastic reviews across the internet.

If you want to see the full range of Merrell barefoot range then check out the Merrell website:

Merrell Barefoot Shoes

Xero - Prio (Best Value)

Xero is one of the biggest and best barefoot shoe brands in the UK, and they sell a decent range of styles to suit most people. From boots to work shoes, sandals and sports shoes. The Sports shoe is what we will be talking about today - the Xero Prio.

For just under £100 you can buy yourself reliable, robust shoes that come in loads of different colours and shades - to suit your style.

There are mixed reviews about the Xero Prio on's review platform, and many of the reviews mention the same gripes - the sizing isn't quite right and the shoe can e uncomfortable.

In saying that, the Xero shoe is almost £50 less expensive than the Vivo, so could be a better budget buy. Available in both male and female sizes.


Vibram - FiveFingers KSO Evo (Best Toe Separated Shoes)

You're likely to have heard (or seen) the Vibram brand over the years. They are one of the leading sole manufacturers in the world, and they produce plenty of quality brands with their soles.

The Vibram FiveFingers KSO Evo is also one of the leading brands for barefoot runners and walkers due to their unique 'fingered' toe design. Each shoe is fit to maximise toe spread and give you much more purchase over tough terrain.

The shoes aren't the most comfortable, or fashionable, but they are by far the best toe separating barefoot shoes you'll buy.

You can find shoes for men and women on with prime delivery too.


Vibram barefoot shoe

Vivobarefoot - Novus Trail (Best Smart Trainer Shoe)

These are not shoes to run in, but they are really nice sleek barefoot shoes that go with every occasion and will be comfortable for even a complete newcomer to the barefoot revolution.

The Vivobarefoot Novus are a fantastic entry-level shoe if you're after a smart trainer-style shoes, which is designed with a thin sole and without a step.

The sole on these shoes is much thicker than other Vivobarefoot shoes which makes them much more accessible to newbies.

These are one of the best barefoot shoes on the eye - that's for sure.

I got them from, but there are newer editions available via their website here:



Vivobarefoot Novus Review

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you've enjoyed this article and you've found the best barefoot shoe for your needs. There are plenty out there, so make sure to do lots of your own research, and choose the brand that suits you best.

If you have any experiences with any of these barefoot shoes or would like to suggest a pair that is your favourite, then please leave your comment in the section below.

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