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The Best Tasting Banana Protein You Can Buy in the UK (2023)

We've already written a little bit about the best vegan protein powder and explored a few chocolate vegan protein powder options, but today we are specifically looking into flavoured banana proteins. No actual banana protein, but protein powders and shakes that are banana flavoured. 

Banana is one of the most popular flavours across the UK (it's my favourite too) but some products can be very hit and miss. Some taste like a banana if it was made from soil, and others taste so sweet and sickly that it may as well be a McDonald's milkshake.  So, we wanted to round up the brands that do the best banana protein flavours. 

Lets go. 

Optimum Nutrition Banana Whey Protein

This Optimum Nutrition banana protein is considered by many as the best on the market. Not only in terms of the flavour but also what they have managed to pack into the tub.

The banana flavouring isn't too much and can be enhanced if you mix it with some chocolate protein powder.

The protein powder formula is Informed Choice certified and contains naturally-occurring BCAAs, glutamine, is low in sugar and low in saturated fats. Considering, it still takes damn good.

For more information about this protein powder, head to amazon for all the relevant information:

Banana Protein

PhD Nutrition Whey Protein Powder

Although it is a tiny bit on the sweet side, the PhD Nutrition banana whey protein is one of the best you can buy. Not only is its formula leading the market but it is very highly reviewed on almost every platform.

The protein itself provides a complete whey protein that is rich in essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids. To add to those, it is super easy to be digested efficiently by the body. Although it seemed that the Stawberry is the most popular for this brand, the Banana is also pretty damn good.

The product is available in Holland & Barrett stores across the UK, but the best place to grab one is still



Banana Protein World

Anybody with a keen eye will see that the picture is actually of the Vanilla flavour (my personal favourite). But, Protein World does also have a Banana protein powder that tastes just as delicious.

The formula is very good too. It contains 24g of protein per serving, 26 vitamins and minerals and also added pre & probiotics.

The Slender Blend comes in a few flavours and you can pick them up in Boots and Holland & Barrett.

Again, the best place to get it is while you're on

The Slender Blend protein powder

Yfood Happy Banana

Technically, Yfood is a meal replacement shake, but it is a fantastic alternative to powders - or at very least a nice added source of protein and 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

Each serving contains a huge 34g of protein which is more than some of the protein powders on this inclusion. 

Yfood drinks also come in a number of flavours, including happy banana. Why the banana is happy is up to you, but it's really delicious and fairly cost-effective.

The brand is very highly reviewed and its products are available in Hollad & Barrett stores, or in bulk on



YFood range at Holland & Barrett

Bulk Banana Protein

Bulk provides a flavoured banana protein powder for pre and post-workout, that tastes almost exactly like foam bananas. It may be too sweet for some, but it's quite nostalgic. Even though the flavouring is fairly sweet, the mixture itself is still low in sugar.

Bulk use whey protein and it provides 22 g of protein for each serving and 5g of branched amino acids. All great for building muscle and repair.

In comparison on price, Bulk's banana flavoured protien is very reasonable on price. It is roughly £20 cheaper than the top-of-the-range protein powders.

The best place to get Bulk products is on, but you can also visit their website directly:



bulk protein

If you're in the business for the best banana protein powder, we hope that you've found something interesting and helpful.

A top tip is to add some banana protein to your chocolate. It is amazing. If you liked this article then you can check out our post about the best protein bars and best CBD products.

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