5 of the best board games for adults that you can buy

Published by Finn Hayden

Even in a world of smartphones and gaming laptops, board games continue to grow in popularity. It's so nice to put away your screens and sit down with friends and family (or on your own) and play an engaging and fun board game which you can lose yourself in for hours.
A lot of people think that board games are just for kids and families, but that is so far from the truth. There are loads of adult board games out there which are great for grown-ups to play. These board games often deal with mature themes and are challenging in ways that many board games aren't.
We wanted to highlight the best adult board games that you can buy in the UK as of 2023, let's get into it:

Squid Game: Let the Games Begin board game

If you've watched the Netflix series Squid Game then you'll know that it's a pretty violent and mature series, which is definitely for adults. The board game isn't quite as graphic and violent as the tv show, but it does still involve deadly games. The idea is to play 6 different games and survive all of them to reach the end. Each game is life and death, and if your character dies then you're out of the game. This board game has a Pegi rating of 16 and over and the manufacturer recommends that it be played by at least 3 players at a time. Learn more and buy it here -
Squid Game board game

ALIEN: Fate of the Nostromo

We actually included this board game in our list of the best solo board games you can buy, because it's a board game which is probably best played on your own, although you can play it with others if you wish. This is definitely not a board game for kids as it's pretty scary. The idea is simple - keep away from the Alien by completing challenges which move you around the board. If you make too many mistakes, the Alien will catch you and you're dead. The manufacturer recommends this board game for people aged 10 and upwards, but we'd say that adults will definitely get more enjoyment out of it. Learn more and buy it here -

ALIEN: Fate of the Nostromo Board Game

The Gin Game

This board game is all about gin, so it's definitely for adults. The idea is to move around the game board by answering questions on gin trivia. You pull a card and it'll have a question on it related to gin. The questions range from questions about the history of gin to the types of cocktails which contain gin. This board game is recommended for ages 18+ and although drinking gin while you play isn't necessary, it usually happens as the board game gets you in the mood to enjoy a nice gin and tonic. Learn more and buy it here -

The Gin Game

The Shakespeare Game

The Shakespeare Game is a board game which the manufacturers say is suitable for 8 years and up, but we'd definitely say that adults will get the most enjoyment out of it. It doesn't require an understanding of Shakespeare to enjoy this board game, but if you're interested in Shakespeare and you've familiar with the material, you'll get a lot more out of it. The idea of the board game is to follow in the footsteps of William Shakespeare, putting on as many plays around London as you can. The winner is the player who makes the most money from putting on plays, and it's that simple. Learn more and buy it here -

Shakespeare board game

House of Games board game

Not all trivia-based board games are for adults, but we'd definitely say that the House of Games board game definitely is. This is because the questions are pretty difficult and younger players likely won't have the life experience to understand the references and the trickier questions. So if you're looking for an adult board game with some really tricky questions then this is a great choice. Learn more and buy it here -

House of Games board game

So we hope this guide shows you that there are some excellent adult board games out there to buy, especially in 2023. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us to try.

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