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The best 100 calories (or less) snacks you can buy in the UK

Even if you're eating 3 square meals per day, most of us like to have a few snacks throughout the day to keep us going. We've noticed that many brands have worked hard to produce snacks which are 100 calories or less per item, probably because it's nice to know that the item you're eating only contains double-digit calories rather than triple-digit. We thought it would be useful to round up some of the best snacks you can buy in the UK which are 100 calories or less, let's get into it:

Fibre One 90

What's so impressive about the Fibre One 90 range is that it includes brownies, popcorn bars, doughnuts, and cake bars. And somehow, they all manage to be no more than 90 calories per item. On top of that, as the name suggests these items also have a high fibre content, which is an added bonus.  We tried the peanut butter popcorn bars (pictured) and found them to be a really tasty snack. Learn more and buy them here -

Fibre One 90 bars


We'll admit that when we first saw BEPPS in the snack section at our local Tesco, we had no idea what they were. But at 86 calories per bag, we decided to give them a shot, and we were blown away by how good they tasted. Made from black-eyed peas that have been popped, BEPPS taste really good and manage to be well under 100kcal per bag. Learn more and buy them here -


Alpen Light bars

The standard Alpen bars are great, but at 119kcal per bar, they don't fit in this list. Luckily, a "light" version of the Alpen bars has been released, which manages to be both delicious and well under 100 calories per bar. You can choose from indulgent flavours such as Chocolate Brownie (pictured), which taste really good and don't taste like a light version at all. Alpen cereal might not be as healthy as you'd think, but these Alpen bars are a great option for anyone looking to cut calories. Learn more and buy them here -

Alpen light bars

Special K bars

Similar to Alpen, we've not been too impressed by the nutritional stats of the cereal version of Special K, but the Special K bars are a great low-calorie choice. At just 83 calories per bar, they make a great snack for any time of the day. Learn more and buy them here -

Special K bars

Skinny Cracker Co.

Eating crackers and cheese is usually something we think we have to ditch when we're trying to save on calories. But The Skinny Cracker Co has created a low-calorie alternative which makes crackers and cheese a possibility, even for those of us on a diet. At just 57 calories per 2 crackers, you could easily add a thin slice of cheese to a couple of these crackers and stay well under 100 calories. Plus, the Rosemary flavour of these crackers is delicious. What a treat! Learn more and buy them here -

The Skinny Cracker Co


It's great to find a normal chocolate bar that is under 100 calories, so when we saw that Breakaway bars contained just 97 calories each, we knew we'd have to include them in this guide. They're a total classic and a very straightforward but delicious milk chocolate bar. Learn more and buy them here -

Breakway biscuits

Maryland Minis Double Choc

Yes, you can enjoy cookies at under 100 calories! Maryland sells a version of their cookies called Maryland Minis, which are available in flavours such as Double Choc as pictured. Each pack of these contains just 99 calories, and they're absolutely delicious. Learn more and buy them here -

Maryland Minis

Coco Pops bars

We've written previously about the fact that Coco Pops are actually not as bad for you as you might think, so we weren't too surprised to see that Coco Pops bars contained well under 100 calories per bar. At just 82 calories per 20g bar, you can enjoy the taste of Coco Pops without worrying about the calories. Plus, they taste great! Learn more and buy them here -

Coco Pops bars


Popchips are an interesting but delicious product that are definitely growing in popularity. They're made by "popping" potato pellets, and the end result is a combination between a crisp and a prawn cracker. They taste really good, especially this Barbecue flavour, and crucially they're also exactly 100 calories per pack, which is great. Learn more and buy them here -

Pop Chips

Monster Munch

Walkers have worked hard to make a number of their popular crisps brands under 100 calories per pack, but we think the most impressive example of this is their Monster Munch range of crisps. They taste just like they used to, but they're only 98 calories per pack. On top of this, they contain no artificial colours or flavours. We also love that Monster Munch don't taste like diet crisps at all. The Pickled Onion variety is our favourite, learn more and buy them here -

Monster Munch

Penn State baked pretzels

Pretzels are a lovely salty treat, so to have an option under 100 calories per pack is really great. The Sea Salted Penn State pretzels are only 86 calories per pack, which they manage to achieve by baking them.  You can also grab Sour Cream & Chive flavour which are still under 100 calories at 91 kcal per pack. Learn more and buy them here -

Penn State pretzels

Proper Chips sea salt

The team at Proper Chips uses lentils to make delicious but healthy snacks, and we think their Sea Salt Lentil Chips are a great option for anyone looking for something tasty that is just under 100 calories per pack (96 calories). The bonus with consuming these is that you also get a nice amount of protein from the lentils, which will help to keep you fuller for longer. Learn more and buy them here -

Proper Chips sea salt

Snack a Jacks

We could have actually included a number of different rice cake brands in this list because many of them are well under 100 calories per cake (or even per 2 cakes). But truthfully, we find most of them to taste pretty bad. Snack a Jacks is just about the only rice cake brand that we've tried which we find to taste good, and luckily both the Salt & Vinegar and Barbecue varieties are well under 100 calories per pack. Learn more and buy them here -

Snack a Jacks

So hopefully the above list will help you to find a good snack under 100 calories that you can enjoy. Let us know in the comments if we've missed any other low-calorie snacks!

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