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Battle of the own-brand corn flakes – which corn flakes are the best?

Published by Finn Hayden

In my quest to become a thought leader in the cereal space - the kind of person that Mr Kellogg might invite around for Christmas - I've taken it upon myself to eat a lot of cereal this year. I've been starting every day with a bowl of the stuff, not just because it's much more convenient and cheaper than making bacon and eggs, but also because it can be pretty healthy too.

Of all the cereals that you can choose from, corn flakes are one of the healthiest. Typically, corn flakes are fortified with vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D and Iron. Plus, they tend to be low in sugar.

Lots of people insist that the original Kellogg's corn flakes are the best corn flakes that you can buy, but we wanted to put some own-brand corn flakes to the test to see how they compare to the original. For this guide, we bought corn flakes from Morrisons, the Co-op, Waitrose, Tesco, and Aldi. Let's get into the comparison:

Aldi Harvest Morn cornflakes

The good - At 75p per 500g box, these were among the cheapest corn flakes that we bought.

The bad - we're sad to say that of all the corn flakes we tried for this guide, the Harvest Morn corn flakes were our least favourite. We found the texture to be a bit too thick, and instead of having a satisfying crunch the flakes went soggy very quickly in milk. Not a fan.

Aldi Corn Flakes

Waitrose Essential Corn Flakes

The good - In terms of taste and texture, we really can't fault these corn flakes from Waitrose - we were very happy.
The bad - at £1 for a 500g box these corn flakes aren't exactly extortionate, but compared to every other option we tried for this guide they were the most expensive, and we wouldn't say they were the best we tried either. Also, for some reason these corn flakes contain a little more salt and sugar than you find in other options such as the Tesco corn flakes (0.02g more salt and 0.2g more sugar per 30g bowl).
Waitrose Essential corn flakes

Tesco cornflakes

The good - we bought the 500g box of corn flakes from Tesco for just 75p which was tied for the cheapest corn flakes we found (tied with Aldi), and we were very happy with that price. They had a lovely crunch and the taste was good, much better than Aldi.

The bad - Nothing bad to say, we enjoyed them.

Tesco Corn Flakes

Morrisons cornflakes

The good - only 75p for a 500g box is again a very impressive price and on a par with Tesco and Aldi. We also thought these were much nicer than the Aldi corn flakes in terms of texture and taste.
The bad - Again, we can't really fault these corn flakes - they're cheap, low in salt and sugar, and taste great.
Morrisons cornflakes

Co-op corn flakes

The good - the taste of these is good and at 85p they're well priced.


The bad - according to the Co-op website, they contain no Vitamin D! We couldn't believe it when we checked the website. We were happily eating these thinking that we were consuming the sunshine vitamin, but strangely on the back of the packet it says that it does contain Vitamin D, so it's a bit confusing.
Co-op corn flakes

Our favourite corn flakes overall - Tesco & Morrisons

So for us, the clear standouts are Tesco corn flakes and Morrisons corn flakes. They both cost the same, they both have exactly the same nutritional information, and we can't separate them. So if you're wanting great own-brand corn flakes, go for one of these.

What do you think of our guide? Let us know in the comments if you have a favourite own-brand corn flakes!


Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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