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Athletic Greens AG1 Alternatives in the UK

If you listen to (it feels like) any podcast on Spotify then you've come across Athletic Green's AG1. Joe Rogan, the biggest podcaster in the world, (when he is not talking about Testosterone Boosters  or Cannabis / CBD oils) does his own personalised recommendation of the product as a lifestyle support multivitamin and well-being shake.

The AG1 is sold as an easy and effective health supplement which provides all the vitamins, minerals and energy you need to maintain a very active lifestyle. Whether you're an athlete, working long hours or a busy mum, the Athletic Greens AG1 can offer everything in one shaker cup.

As it is one of the most recommended shakes in the industry, it is quite an expensive purchase. It is clear that Athletic Greens are a premium brand and while offering lots, are outside many people's budget. To also add to this, there does not seem to be a clear way to purchase the brand in the UK.

So, we thought about looking into some Athletic Greens AG1 alternatives which may be cheaper and offer the same benefits.


Best AG1 Alternatives

  1. Indigo Herbs
  2. 33 Fuel
  3. Beyond Greens
  4. Protein Works
  5. Nuzest
  6. Supergreen Tonik

Indigo Herbs - Super Green Powder

While the Indigo Herbs Super Green Powder isn't quite the same as what is offered by Athletic Greens, it is a potentially very cost-effective alternative.

Indigo Herbs are a very, very popular supplement brand in the UK and provide industry-leading powders and ingredients available. This includes 'Super Greens'.

The powder only contains Organic Wheatgrass, Organic Barleygrass, Organic Spirulina & Chlorella, Organic Moring. It is a great source of a whole load of vitamins and minerals.

Indigo Herbs

What makes this product so attractive is that it is only £15 per 30 day serving. That is roughly £40 less than the other alternatives on this list. They also do a fantastic Lion's Mane powder.


You can purchase this with next-day delivery on, or directly from their website.

Protein Works - Super Greens Extreme

A very popular supplements company in the UK is Protein Works. They have an alternative to several large supplement companies. They not only offer an alternative to AG1, but also to Heul and Bodybuilding supplements.

The product contains Kale powder, Green tea Wheat grass powder, Gensing, Ashwagandha and Yerba Mate. All are valuable for a healthy lifestyle and Ashwagandha is known for boosting athletic performance and muscle growth. It also contains a range of vitamins and minerals for immune support.

You can pick up Protein Works AG1 alternative for just under £50 and it comes in two flavours Lemon & Apple, and Berry Burst.

Here is the link to the product itself, but there are other options on the Protein Works Amazon Profile.

Protien Works Super greens

33 Fuel Greens Powder

The guys from 33 Fuel have certainly taken some inspiration from athletics greens and they produce a great green powder, that could be used as an alternative to Athletics greens.

The Ultimate Daily Greens was the product of the year in Runners world and is one of the best green powders you'll find on the market, but it is certainly not as nutrient-dense as AG1.

The green blend contains 100% certified organic broccoli, kale, spirulina and chlorella, spinach and barley grass. It does not contain any adaptogens or nootropics like AG1, but then again it is significantly cheaper.

Check out the product, and all of the details on

33 fuel green powder

Daemon Power

New to supplements, we have just been given a sample of the newly launched Daemon power green blend and it is fantastic. It is surely a worthy alternative to Athletics Greens AG1.

The green belnds contains a very carefully tailored blend of organic greens, nootropics, adaptogens and a boost of essential vitamins and minerals.

What makes Athletic Greens AG1 so popular, is the range of ingredients which make it a one-stop-shop for nutrition. Many of the alternatives on this list simply contain spirulina extracts and other greens, the Daemon Power greens also contain CoQ10, nootropics, and adaptogens which are served at 'effective doses'. Plus, the price point of the greens is significantly lower, for a similar product.

For More information about Daemon Power, you can see their website here:

Daemon Power greens

Beyond Greens - Udo's Choice

Beyond Greens is another AG1 alternative that seems to be constantly recommended, and they are easy to find in the UK.

The greens, similarly to AG1, contain a very long list of ingredients that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals for immune and activity support.

For a month's supply, you're looking at £21 and next-day delivery It means that this is a much cheaper alternative to Athletic Greens AG1 and does roughly the same thing.

After some research into the ingredients, there is still an argument to say that Athletic greens have the edge in terms of quality, and the sheer amount of benefits, but if you're not willing to spend more than double for it, Beyond greens will do!

Available on Amazon.




Udo's Choice Beyond Greens
Urdo's Choice Beyoind Greens ingredents

Nuzest - Good Green Vitality

It is quite hard to tell where Nuzest as a company are based, but the founders (Father & Daughter) are both originally from New Zealand and established their supplements business in 2005.

They offer an Athletic Greens AG1 alternative called Good Green Vitality. The list of ingredients of this product is enormous and very similar to that of AG1 and other products in this list.

The company are a Sponsor of Mark Beaumont, a British Cyclist, who just beat the North Coast 500 record (the weekend this post was written - September 2022)

For £70, you can get a month's supply, and it is available in one-use sachets. This is roughly as affordable as Athletic Greens.

Nuzest Good Green Vitality

Supergreen Tonik

An alternative to Athletic Greens that always pops up is the Supergreen Tonik. So much so that there are lists of blogs titled: Athletic Greens vs Supergreen Tonic.

The Supergreen Tonik contains a genuinely mind-melting list of ingredients ranging from Ashwagandha, to Algae (Spirulina/ Chlorella) Kale and Spinach.  We have included the ingredients for the breakdown of Mineral content to show the full extent of the ingredients.

Similar to Athletic Greens, the product will set you back roughly $80 which is between £50-£55 (depending on the fluctuation of the pound).

Supergreen Tonik do ship to the UK too so it is available here if you'd like to try it out!


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