Are Vivobarefoot shoes worth it?! 6 Months on.

We've been trying several different types of barefoot shoes from several of the leading barefoot brands across the UK. The biggest of all are Vivobarefoot. As you may have noticed, there are hundreds of online reviews and videos about the shoes and it can all be very overwhelming. And that is not to mention that the shoes are very expensive for a gamble into the world or barefoot shoes.

So, to calm your vivo-over-stimulation we wanted to help you answer the question: are Vivobarefoot shoes worth it!? Let's get into it.

But first to save you the hassle of reading an entire article if you're in a rush, yes, we think Vivobarefoot shoes are worth it, and your best bet is to grab a pair from the excellent sale section of the Vivobarefoot website.

Ready to see why we love these shoes? Let's get into it:

Why are Vivos so Expensive?

Let us begin by mentioning that Vivo have a return system, which means that you can return the shoes within 100 days of your purchase. It is a little bit of a faff, and you can't do direct swaps but it is a good reason to just make the purchase and see whether barefoot shoes are for you.

Vivobarefoot shoes are, however, very expensive and can set you back from between £100 to £200. That is a lot for a pair of shoes, never mind shoes you aren't sure you'll like. The reason the company gives is down to their commitment to perfecting the shoes and sourcing the highest materials. There is some truth to that, as compared to other brands, the Vivobarefoot shoes are significantly better quality and are much more ergonomically designed - even down to their ability to produce shoes using a 3d scanning process (for ambassadors and sports people - not for normals like us).

There is also an element of brand equity here too. Vivobarefoot shoes are very popular, very cool and offer something different. They are fashionable. With that in mind, that may explain the price too.

But whether the price is worth it for you depends on how long you'll use them for. There are many people who have had their vivo shoes for over 5 years and swear by them still. So, £100 for a few years of heavy use isn't bad at all.

Vivobarefoot Primus III


Are Vivobarefoot shoes worth it?!

So, are Vivobarefoot shoes worth it? This is a good question and one which may take some time for you to decide.

For me, I feel as though they are worth the price and worth the pain at first. I feel as though my legs are stronger, I have better posture and balance, and my feet are now significantly stronger. I walked 10 miles in a pair of flip-flops the other day and I didn't lose any toes! I do not think I will be going back to my normal shoes any time soon, so in my eyes, Vivobarefoot shoes are worth it.

But to help you decide whether they are worth it for you, we have taken the time to draw out some of the key points.


What are the Benefits of wearing Vivobarefoot shoes - are they really better for your feet?

  • Stronger feet, legs and joints
  • Better posture, balance, and alignment
  • More engagement with the ground
  • Something to talk to your friends about.

Personally, the benefits from my time wearing the Vivos have been very beneficial to me. I have found that my feet feel significantly stronger (they look stronger), my posture is better when I am walking and I feel significantly more connected to the ground. My running style (even in normal shoes) has changed and I run much smoother than before. I also find that my positioning in the gym is significantly more secure and I have fewer aches and pains after longer runs. So if you ask me whether Vivos are better for your feet, I will have to say yes. Absolutely.

The one surprising benefit that I found with my Vivo's is the community. Barefoot shoes are quite an interesting and individual experience and I have found that it has been very easy to strike up a conversation if I see a fellow Vivo wearer. Several of my friends have also commented on them and one or two have bought a pair for themselves.


What are the Disadvantages of wearing Vivobarefoot shoes?

  • More expensive than normal shoes
  • More Prone to Injury
  • Sore Feet & Toes
  • Take some time to get used to them

There are several major disadvantages to wearing Vivobarefoot shoes, but by far the biggest issue is the potential for injury. Barefoot shoes do take some time to get used to. It is ill-advised to wear your new Vivo's constantly while out running, walking, climbing or lifting. Unless you buy and take heed of their guide of how to correctly walk, and run, in the shoes, you could be running a short road to potential injury.

When you first wear the shoes, you must recognize that your feet, legs, and back, may not be adjusted yet to the new shoes. It will take a few weeks for your muscles to strengthen and to find a style of walking that takes the impact away from your heels and supports your lower back. The most common injuries are shin splints, bruised heels, and knee pain from the impact.

The best thing you can do is use your shoes every so often and regularly give your feet a rest by putting on normal shoes for a while. That way you will slowly get used to the Vivo's.

The disadvantages are quite short-lived lived, however, and once you get used to the shoes there is no looking back. Don't worry if you hate them though, they are the type of shoes you either love or hate.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by the end of this post, you've learned more about Vivobarefoot shoes (and barefoot shoes in general) and whether they are worth it for you. We have tried plenty of brands and we still think that Vivobarefoot has some of the best you can buy in the UK. People think they're expensive but as we mentioned earlier, the sale section of the Vivobarefoot website is a great place to grab Vivos at a very reasonable price.

If you have any comments or would like to share your own experience with barefoot shoes, then add it to the comment section below.

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