Are ‘Prestige Titles’ Legit? Or a Scam?

Recently, we wrote a little bit about Established Titles, a company based in York that is selling Scottish Lord(Laird) and Lady titles (this post is more about how it worked).

We did a lot of research around the process and we have come across many, many companies who are selling deed titles to customers (including Amazon.com), so we've decided to do a little bit more digging (equipt with our knowledge of how this works) to understand whether some of the most well-known companies are legit, or a scam?

When looking for a title online, Prestige Titles are one of the most visible and seem to offer 'English Titles' including Barron/ Baroness, Sir, Dame and Viscount titles. Let us do some digging.

What Do The Reviews Say?

Other than reviews on the Prestige Titles website, there is very little in the way of 3rd party review profiles. Which isn't a good sign.

There are a few of these reviews are outrageously positive.

Are they fake? We wouldn't like to make that assertion, but the reviews here show people living life beyond all expectations.


Prestige Title Online Reviews

Who Is Prestige Titles?

After a long time looking on the website, there was almost nothing about who the company is, who is behind the company or anything about how the service works. Which is unusual. We found in the footer that the company is operated by 'Western Sutton' - a company in Romsey operated by a Mr Daniel Reeves. The company was incorporated in June 2018 and had previously been named Evoke Property Investments LTD, DR Growth and is linked with a few other companies with dormant company accounts.

It seems like today the company is registered as a general 'online retail' and 'online marketing company.


What Do The Reviews Say?

Is Prestige Titles a Scam?

The honest answer is that we don't know for sure. It all depends on how this company operate. With established titles, the law makes way for a loophole where a person may legally change their title (based on Scottish law), and English titles cannot be purchased in the same way, and the titles that are purchased go for a similar sum to a large house.

We also know for an absolute fact that you cannot buy a 'knighthood' title, such as 'sir' or 'dame' (as detailed here) due to the nature of the title. It is a title that is bestowed on a person, rather than bought. The same can be said for Barrons and Viscounts.

Where the confusion may be, is it is legal to change you name to include the 'prefix' of 'sir'. For example: you may change your name to 'Lord Henry DoWorth. The title will still remain 'Mr' but your name changes to Lord Henry. Therefore, it is legal to refer to yourself as 'Lord Henry' is your name. Your passport must be 'Mr Lord Henry DoWorth'.

If this is exactly what you want then go for it, but what is being sold by Prestige Titles isn't very clear.



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