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Are Marmite rice cakes healthy?

When we saw Marmite rice cakes in our local supermarket, we weren't surprised to see that they were flying off the shelves. On their own, both marmite and rice cakes have been touted as health foods in some corners of the internet. The healthy amount of Vitamin B12 in Marmite is what makes the spread healthy, whereas it's the low-calorie content of rice cakes that makes them popular with dieters.

So, combining these 2 foods must be a total health win then? Well, let us explain how healthy Marmite rice cakes actually are:

What is the nutritional breakdown of a Marmite rice cake?

Each Marmite rice cake contains 31 calories and virtually no fat. Compared to most other savoury treats you keep in the cupboard, Marmite rice cakes are really healthy. Add on top of this low-calorie count the vitamins you get from the Marmite, and you've basically got a superfood.



back of the Marmite rice cakes packet

Is there anything to watch out for?

The one thing we'd say about Marmite rice cakes that might make them slightly unhealthy is that they taste very good, so it's quite hard to just have one. They're also not particularly filling, so you'll probably end up having more than 1. However, they're still really low in calories and packed with nutritional goodness, so don't feel too bad about eating a few of them at once.
Marmite rice cakes

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