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Are Grenade Protein bars healthy? We take a look at these popular protein bars

Grenade bar

Published by Finn Hayden

Grenade protein bars have exploded in popularity in recent years, and we're not surprised at all - they're excellent. They taste great, they're high in protein, and they're not too expensive as far as protein bars go. We've included them in our list of the best protein bars you can buy in the UK, and they're easily one of our favourites in terms of taste, but are they actually healthy? We wanted to take a close look at the nutritional stats of Grenade bars to see how healthy they actually are, lets get into it:

What type of Grenade bars did we look at?

Not many people realise that there is more than 1 type of Grenade bar, as unless you've looked at their website or been to a specialist health or fitness shop, you've probably only seen one variety on the shelves. Aside from the main Grenade protein bars, which is the variety we'll be looking at in this guide, the other variety is the Grenade Protein Flapjack which is a relatively new addition to the range but is quickly growing in popularity.
Grenade bars on the shelf at a supermarket
We'll be focusing on the standard protein bars as these are the most popular Grenade products and what we imagine people are most interested in learning about, but as a quick overview, the Grenade flapjacks seem to be lower in protein and lower in calories compared to the standard Grenade bars.

What are the nutritional statistics of Grenade protein bars?

There's quite a lot to consider when looking at the nutritional breakdown of a Grenade protein bar, but we'll start with the obvious one - the protein content. As far as protein bars go, the Grenade protein bars are pretty solid in terms of how much protein they manage to pack into each 60g bar. Obviously it varies depending on what flavour you choose, but it's never lower than 20g per bar. We wouldn't describe this as particularly high protein content, especially given that most of the Optimum Nutrition protein bars and the PHD protein bars contain about the same amount of protein. But given how good the Grenade bars taste, we'd say it's pretty impressive.
But we know that when people are looking at how healthy these bars are, it's not just about the protein content. And the amount of protein in these bars would be irrelevant if they're also high in things like sugar or calories. As far as calories ago, the Grenade protein bars rank pretty well among the various protein bars that we've tried. For example, the 60g Lemon Cheesecake Grenade bars contain 227 calories each. This is actually quite high compared to some of the other protein bars we looked at, such as the FULFIL Chocolate Brownie bar which contains just 197 calories per bar, and just 1g less protein than the Grenade Bar. On top of that, the FULFIL bar contains just 7.4g of fat versus the 10g of fat you'll find in the Grenade protein bar, and the FULFIL bar also contains almost twice as much fibre as the Grenade bar.


The one nutritional aspect of the Grenade protein bars which really impressed us is how low in sugar they are - just 1.6g of sugar per bar, which seems incredibly low considering how good they taste.


One last thing we wanted to mention about the Grenade bars which really surprised us is that most of them aren't suitable for vegetarians, as they contain bovine collagen. The only bar which is vegetarian friendly is the Dark Choc Raspberry variety, which is pictured at the top of this post. Whether or not this changes how healthy you deem them to be is another matter, but we certainly found it surprising.

So, can we describe Grenade bars as healthy?

Overall, Grenade bars pack a great amount of protein and they're very low in sugar, so they're definitely one of the healthiest protein bars you can buy. Having said that, we found a number of other protein bars which are lower in calories and fat, including the FULFIL protein bars.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to decide how healthy Grenade bars are. Let us know what you think of our guide and what you think of these protein bars! We have a full guide about how healthy FULFIL bars are if you want to read our thoughts on that.

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