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Are Beauty Bites Healthy? We look at how good these collagen snacks are for you

Beauty bites

Whenever we see a health product like Beauty Bites, our eyebrows are always raised - really good for you and they taste delicious? Surely not. Well, we decided to get to the bottom of it once and for all and take an in-depth look at how healthy Beauty Bites actually are for you.

Our first impressions are - mostly yes, Beauty Bites are definitely healthier for you than most snack bars. They're low in sugar and packed with vitamins, but they're also quite high in calories given the small size of the bars.

But there is more to it than this overview, so let's look at the Beauty Bites in a bit more detail:

What type of Beauty Bites did we take a look at?

We tried the Lemon Coconut and the White Choc Raspberry Beauty Bites, which according to the Krumbled Foods website are 2 of the most popular and top-rated flavours in the range.


What are the nutritional stats of the Beauty Bites?


back of a beauty bites bar

Firstly, we'll mention that both of these flavours have exactly the same nutritional breakdown in terms of sugar, calories etc. so this section is applicable to both flavours.

With only 2.3g of sugar per bar, Beauty Bites are low in sugar but not super low. For example, some of the FULFIL bars contain just 1.5g of sugar per bar, and they're also bigger and, in our opinion, better tasting than the Beauty Bites bars (plus cheaper and with 9 vitamins).

We also thought the Beauty Bites were quite high in calories given how small they are - 124 calories per bar, which is less than the FULFIL bars (they're 197 calories per 55g bar), but we'd say the FULFIL bars are much more filling than the Beauty Bites.

As for positives, we were actually really impressed with the protein content of the Beauty Bites - 5.1g per bar, which is almost as much as a product such as the Bounce Protein Ball (8g of protein per 35g ball)

It's also great to see 8g of fibre in each Beauty Bite bar, which again is an impressive amount - again, comparing this to a fibre bar such as this The Gut Stuff bar which contains 11g of fibre, it's really impressive that the Beauty Bites bar contains so much fibre in comparison.

The real highlight of the beauty bites is all of the vitamins and other goodness included in each bar - 49% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin C, 19% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin E, 3.8g of collagen peptides, and billions of live cultures. We do have to admit, we're impressed by this but we do think the collagen is on the lower end. Most studies looking at the benefits of collagen have concluded that 10g of collagen per day is about the right amount to consume if you're looking to improve skin health, so although beauty bites won't provide all of the collagen you'll need per day, they certainly contribute a lot.

Overall, Beauty Bites are definitely healthy and provide a very impressive mix of benefits in every bite, although we'd say they're surprisingly high in calories.

Anything else to mention?

Yes, we'd definitely say that we were pleasantly surprised by how good the Beauty Bites tasted - not amazing, but considering how packed with goodness they are, it's definitely not bad at all.

So as you can see, Beauty Bites are definitely healthy in a number of ways, and we were impressed by how good they are for you in terms of protein and fibre content. However, they are quite high in calories, containing about as many calories as 2 small apples. Let us know what you think of beauty bites in the comments!

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