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Alternative alcohol for Christmas – shake it up this year with these great drink alternatives

Bored of the same old Christmas booze? Luckily there are loads of great alternative alcohol options out there, all of which will help you get in a festive cheer. We've lined up our favourites for you to check out, here they are:

Long Shot - best for a healthy hard seltzer

There are enough calories involved in Christmas food without adding the calories from drinks on top. Luckily, there are low-calorie options out there that can taste great, and Long Shot is one of our favourites. This is a range of hard seltzer drinks made entirely from natural ingredients, and each can contains less than 70 calories.

Explore the full range and try a mixed case here -


XECO wines - best for a proper sherry

Lots of people think they don't like sherry, but that's because they've only ever tried the one their gran gives them. The team at XECO wants to shake the sherry stigma and they're doing it in style - their 3 sherries are made from the finest ingredients and intended to be consumed in whatever way you please (mixed with tonic, as an apéritif, or even just on its own). Their commitment to the art of creating wonderful sherry is impressive and you should give their drinks a try.

Explore the full range (and their cocktail gift sets) here -


Highball Cocktails - best for alcohol-free fun

Don't fancy consuming any alcohol this Christmas but also don't want to miss out on the fun? You need Highball Cocktails - this brand has managed to recreate the great taste of your favourite cocktails, but without the alcohol. Even more impressively, they've managed to do this with natural ingredients. The drinks come in cans and bottles, so there is no need to waste any time messing around with shakers and sieves. You just crack open a can or screw open a bottle, and you're ready to join the party.

Check out the full amazing range of drinks here -


Bolney Wine Estate - best for killer kits

There are so many products within the Bolney Wine Estate product range, but we wanted to highlight their range of kits which are sure to impress if you bring them out on Christmas. Their espresso martini kit has everything you need to make the perfect cocktail with a kick, even down to chocolate coffee beans for tasty decoration. Even the espresso in this kit has been made by Bolney!

Take a look at this kit and others here -

Bolney Wine Estate, Sussex, photographed at The Hari, London by Jamie Lau / Studio Lau

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