Our Guide to The Best Algarve Beaches – The Best in Portugal

Priaia De Monte Gordo & Praia de Santo António

Situated almost quite literally on the border with Spain, is a huge stretch of beach that stretches across nearly 10km of the Algarve's coastline.

The tip of the beach starts on the border with Spain at Villa Real De Santon António and moves through the touristy hot spot of Praia de Monte Gordoa all the way to Tavira.

The beach is fantastic for a long walk, bathing in the sun and spending time with the family. It is very safe and very clean and most of those who frequent the beach are Portuguese, as it is a popular destination for locals.

There are few activities on this beach, but there are plenty of restaurants on the coastline, and plenty of parking if you have a car.

There are great accommodation options nearby too.

Praia de Monte Gordo

Praia da Mareta - Sagres

Sagres is the most westerly point in the Algarve and a historically significant navigation centre for the Portuguese during Portugal's golden age in the 1500s.

The main attraction here is the old fort, however, there are several beaches here that are known well by surfers and fishers. Praia da Mareta is a small beach (right of the photo - which was taken from the old fort - left of the photo) where people go to sunbath and enjoy water sports.

The town itself is fairly quiet, and there is not a lot to see or do, once you've seen the fort. In spite of that, the beach was clean and full of surfers who frequent Sagres in droves.



Praia da Ilha da Culatra & Praia Farol - Faro & Olaho

Faro is famous as the gateway to the Algarve as it is home to Faro international airport. While the old city itself is quite nice, there are not many beach options. There is one close to the airport (fine, but not great), or an island that is accessible by boat from the port in Faro town centre.

The boat takes you through the salt flats and onto the back end of Praia Farol and Praia da Ilha da Cultura which is an island just off the mainland. It is home to pristine beaches, some very nice little bars and restaurants and a hot-spot for tourists and travellers. The beach is very busy during the summer season and is likely to be frequented by groups of tourists enjoying themselves. So, if you have a family, moving further away from the little town will give you a bit more peace and quiet.

Praia Farol, Portugal

Praia Da Rocha - Portamão

Praia De Rocha is one of the most famous beaches in the Algarve. It is beachfront in the city of Portimão, and is one of the most stunning beaches we've ever been to.

Rocha - means rocks - the beach is famous for its dramatic rock formation, caves and cliffs. The long golden sandy beach weaves and turns under huge rocks which makes it a very enjoyable walk indeed.

The beach itself can be very, very busy, and attracts tourists from all over the world. Yet, in saying that, it wasn't rowdy and at places was very peaceful. The beachfront is close to the main strip in Portamão which has plenty of restaurants, shops and bars to enjoy while you're there.

If you don't like getting your feet all sandy, then there are multiple walkways and paths above the beach, with some stunning views from above. The path runs from one end of the beach, to the marina in the city itself.

One for the bucket list, that is for certain.

Praia de rocha

Praia do Pinhão - Lagos

Lagos is a particularly beautiful little town in the west of the Algarve, and it is home to several stunning beaches (including an exclusive beach only accessible by boat).

Lagos itself is a beautiful centre of history, and culture and has a lovely selection of restaurants and bars. The town is where most tourists go - people flock from far and wide to walk along the romantic walkways and see the stunning architecture.

While Lagos is not known for its beaches, it is possible to book a boat tour along the coastline. The tours go under rocks, into caves and onto a number of secluded beaches which are surrounded by dramatic rock formations and offer jaw-dropping views.

Not the most accessible beach in the Algarve, but well worth a trip if you're in the area.


Praia da Ilha de Tavira

This beach is also located on the island of Tavira and is accessible by ferry from the town of Tavira itself. The beach is technically not an 'Island', but like in Faro the small stretch of land is only accessible through marshes and salt flats.

The Ilha is a very long stretch of white sand and is particularly popular with tourists during the busy season. The area itself is very tranquil and great for sunbathing and swimming.

If you're thinking of heading to enjoy the island, then the town itself is a very, very lovely place to spend a day. It has several historical points of interest, lovely walks and lots of amazing bars and restaurants to eat at.

This is one of my all-time favourite beaches in the Algarve.


Cacela Velha

Cacela Velha is one of the most beautiful stretches of beach you'll find across the eastern Algarve. The beach is situated exactly where the canal of Tavira begins and where the beach starts to pull away from the mainland.

The beach is clean and the water is shallow enough to be crystal clear and warmer than some of the surrounding beaches.

Above the beach is the small fort town of Cacela Velha where you can park, spend some time in the local restaurants and enjoy the spectacular views.

Cacela Velha

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