Air & Grace Trainers review

Air & Grace is a brand based in London. They've recently exploded in popularity and you've probably started seeing people wearing their trainers while you're out and about. We wanted to take a closer look at these trainers to see what all the hype is about. Let's get into it:



Firstly, it's worth saying that these trainers are not cheap at all. It'll cost you around £150 for a pair, which is super pricey compared to lots of brands out there. Now obviously these are regarded as luxury trainers, and the technology used to create them (Tender Loving Air® technology) might well warrant the price for many people. However, for most people this price might be a tad too expensive.



Although they're expensive, it does seem pretty undeniable that the trainers from Air & Grace are quality products. You'll find 5-star reviews for these all over the internet and people generally seem pretty happy with them. If they're quality and last for many years then perhaps the high price tag is worth it.


Customer Service

Sadly, we found the customer service to be lacking. There was no live chat on the website which seems like an absolute must for a brand like this, plus the email we sent wasn't replied to for over 24 hours. Overall not great considering that this is a luxury product, although we appreciate that this is a relatively small business.

Final thoughts

If you've got a spare £150 lying around then sure, grab yourself a pair of these! But for most people, we think you could grab a pair of comfortable trainers for less than £100. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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