Hand-Made African Coffee Table: The Styles & Where to Get One.

Full disclosure: I live in the UK, and live in Africa for part of the year. So I sometimes completely overlook the fact that getting something 'authentically African' is a real struggle. Particularly when those things are big and bulky.

I really love African Coffee so one of the comforts I miss from home is my hand-carved African Coffee Table. There is something about a coffee table from Africa that blows anything you can buy outside of Africa. There is a history, a story to be told and a quality of craftsmanship that is personal. No African Coffee table is the same. Which is why I miss mine so much.

So, I wanted to help you on your journey of getting yourself a coffee table that will stay in your family for generations.

We want to provide you with:

  • Ethical & Sustainable producers
  • Support Locals
  • Real Quality is Only Achieved by Hand-Made Production



What is an 'African' Coffee Table?

There is no such thing really as an African coffee table - at least no special features that make it unique. What makes a Coffee table 'African' is its origin, the materials used and the style in which the table has been made.

Africa is a huge continent - and each region and people have their own styles. When you're looking to buy a coffee table outside of the continent, you should be aware that most of the time, the tables will not be authentic, and only be made 'in the style' of, rather than being authentic.

To me, a coffee table should be a talking point - after all, it is where you'll likely entertain guests. It should be bold, have a story to tell, be produced from completely natural materials (other than protective lackers) and must represent it's owner in many ways.

Modern & Sleak

If you want an authentic African Coffee Table, made with real African wood, and styled by Africans, but you're not a fan of the traditional driftwood style, then fear not.

Modern African furniture is designed to be sleek, and fit into any setting. It is warm and welcoming, yet stylish and modern.

Kwetu Craft

Natural & Authentic

A common theme with many coffee tables from Africa is the wood they have been produced from. There are a few really interesting options to choose from: from African black wood to oaks and baobab.

A natural and authentic table has many stories to tell, is sustainable and will last for years. These tables are hand-carved and fitted with recycled metal feet.

African Coffee Table at Home

Swahili & Coastal

Swahili and coastal African styles are extremely calming. The basis of the style is from fishing boats called Dhows. The tables are hard woods, fashioned with ropes and fabrics.


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