Adventurous Books Like Percy Jackson

The Percy Jackson Saga by Rick Riordan has been purchased over 180 million times since the first book publication in 2005. It makes the 5 supplementary books (also available as graphic novels) one of the best-selling book series ever written.

I'm expecting that if you are reading this post, then you've already read the book - but for those who haven't: the book (Percy Jackson & the Olympians) is the first novel series of the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles. Percy is a young demigod who fights to prevent the Titans from destroying the world. It is the mount Olympus of adventure novels - the peak of the mountain of other books you could be reading.

By once you've read the whole series, you'll be looking for books similar to Percy Jackson to quench your thirst for adventure. So, here are a few recommendations.

The Heros of Olympus -Rick Riordan

This suggestion is a pretty obvious one really. The Heros of Olympus is the second novel series in the Camp Half-Blood collection. If you're looking for books like Percy Jackson, then you best not look any further than the next collection of books in the chronicles.

This set of novels continues what the Percy Jackson saga is yet to finish.

To get stuck into the next saga of the chronicles, then you can find the books together on Amazon.

Heroes of Olympus front covers

Trials of Apollo -Rick Riordan

I've reserved the first two spots for other Rick Riordan novels - they are the natural successors once you've finished the previous Saga. The Trials of Apollo series are the final collection in the chronicles.

They follow the story of Apollo and are a direct sequel to the previous two sagas.

You can find the last books here.

Rick has also written The Kane Chronicles and Magnus Chase - both have multiple books and short stories. So if you like Percy Jackson, then chances are, you'll like all of these too.

Trials of Apollo book set

The Epic Series of Failure - Chris Rylander

Chris Rylander has written a series of fantastic adventure books that will keep any Percy Jackson fan hooked. Those who appreciate the witty, action-packed pace of Rick's masterpiece, will appreciate the trials of Greg - who learns of his magical dwarven heritage by accident when he discovers his magic powers. Magic that is returning to all others of his kind.

He learns of his family history from other Dwarves who warn him of the threat of the Elves, who are also regaining their magical prowess.

Engaging, funny and light-hearted enough to be dark as hell. You can find The Legend of Greg here.

The other two books in the series are: The Curse of Greg and The Rise of Greg


Thrones & Bones - Lou Anders

Lou Anders could easily fit on our post about Books Like Lord of the Rings.

The story follows Karn, an unwilling hero. Who would happily spend his days playing the board game Thrones and Bones, rather than battling dragons, trolls and the undead. It just so happens that is Karns fate - as he and Thianna (Half Human - Half Giantess) are forced to flee into the wilderness of Norrongard.

You can find the whole set (alongside other Lou Anders works) here.


The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams

If there is a series of books that should be on anybody's list of 'Books to read before you die', then the Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy must be on that list.

The all-time classic by Douglas Adams would also be a perfect follow up if you are in the business of books like Percy Jackson.

The collection of 5 books is a witty, sci-fi comedy that makes one of the best collections of novels ever written. We're not the only ones who think so either.

You may find the whole set here.


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