Adult pass the parcel ideas (5 fun ideas you can try)

Published by Finn Hayden

If you're throwing a party then your primary concern is probably that the guests enjoy themselves. For adults, this usually involves drinking lots of alcohol, and that typically does the trick. But just because you're an adult, that doesn't mean you can't play some party games.

One of the best party games to play is Pass the Parcel. When kids play this game, it usually involves putting some inoffensive pop music on the stereo and unwrapping the parcel until the last person wins a fun prize. However, there are definitely ways to make this game more fun for adults, here are some of the best ideas:

Change the music

We think one of the easiest things you can do to make pass the parcel feel a bit more adult is to change the music to something a bit more grown-up. Try to pick a song that everyone will want to singalong to, as this will distract people and make the game even more chaotic. Bonus points if the song contains lots of swear words and adult themes!

Include trivia questions under each layer

In a usual game of Pass the Parcel, you might unwrap a layer of the parcel and not find anything under there other than another layer of wrapping. A good idea for adults is to include trivia questions on strips of paper within each layer. The person who unwraps that layer must answer the question correctly to move on, otherwise, they have to do a forfeit, which could be a shot of vodka or something like that.

Include a different mini bottle under each layer

Trivia questions can be fun, but if it's a drinking party then you could go a step further and include a mini bottle of alcohol under each layer of the parcel instead. The player can't pass the parcel on until they've downed the whole bottle. You could get really creative with the mini bottles you include too - try slightly more unusual alcoholic drinks such as port.

Get creative with how you pass the parcel

For kids, Pass the Parcel usually involves sitting in a circle and passing the parcel round from person to person. This is nice and easy to follow which is crucial for kids. However, for adults, you can make things a little more complicated. For example, you could have a different rule for every layer which is removed, such as men can only pass the parcel to women, or people with brown hair can only pass the parcel to people with blonde hair. This makes the game much more complicated and requires a lot of concentration, but that's all part of the fun.

Make the final gift a prank

If you're playing Pass the Parcel with kids then it could be quite cruel to make the final gift a prank prize for the winner of the game. However, with adults, you can absolutely get away with this sort of mischief, and you could get really creative with your final prank prize. For example, the winner of the Pass the Parcel game could win a mankini or a signed photo of one of the other guests. For adults, Pass the Parcel should just be about having fun rather than actually winning anything!

Hopefully, this guide proves that you can play Pass the Parcel for adults in a fun way which definitely isn't suitable for kids. Let us know if you've tried to play Pass the Parcel like this or if you have any other suggestions for how to make this game more suitable for adults!

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