Actigun Massager Review

Recently, I have seen so many 'Actigun Massager' reviews and reactions that I got real FOMO. Apart from the fact that it looks like it should be bought from a store with blacked-out windows, it seems like a fascinating development for health and fitness.

There is so much hype about the massager that I just needed to try it myself and see if it worked. So, here are my detailed thoughts on this viral matter.

Strangely the Actigun is not on Amazon but there are a few alternatives to check out.

Is the Actigun Legit? Let's get into it.


What is the Actigun Massager?

Actigun is a company from Hong Kong that seem to have accidentally gone viral when the company started up in 2020. I fully believe the reason this product caught the imagination of people is simply down to the fact that it looks dubious. To say the least.

The gun has been featured on blogs, youtube channels podcasts and the news. It has been featured almost everywhere and became an internet sensation.

Despite the appearance, the product is designed as a massager to aid in the loosening of tight deep muscle tissue. The idea behind the Actigun is to relieve muscle tightness and tension whole encouraging blood flow and circulation. According to the website, the gun achieves this by 'percussive therapy' which is created by quick, pulsating strokes (it even sounds sexual 🤷‍♀️ ).


My Experience with Percussive Therapy

Unless you have been reading a lot of what I post, then you know that I love to run. I was a track runner for many years and completed ultra marathons and marathons in my younger years. I still, run over 15k a week.

Despite having not run extensively for a number of years I do still suffer from tight calves and quads. I have tried roller massagers, self-massage products and humans of all kinds. I still can't seem to get rid of the knots. Was Percussive Therapy what I needed all along?

The first thing to mention is that the Actigun is very expensive, and much more expensive than other similar massage guns. The one I got was the cheaper version which cost £99.99. It was listed as being down from £299.99 but I've been converting this thing for months, and it has always reduced.

The reason I bought the Actigun is simply down to the fact that the other products seem to be cheap, knock offs to replicate the original. I expected that the alternative will be tacky, uses cheaper materials and will not deliver. Buy cheap, buy twice.

To start with, as expected the Actigun Massager felt heavy and robust enough to thrust into a thigh. It has quite a bit of weight to it which I wasn't expecting. The machine has a few settings and a lot of different heads/ fittings that can be used. I am fairly lazy and just wanted to use something that can get into the knots in my calves.

The gun offered a decent amount of power and did shake the whole muscle. It was painful, to begin with and gave me numb toes, but i loved it. I for sure felt the blood flowing afterwards and my leg was feeling much less stiff immediately. But, that was simply down to the overstimulation and massive blood rush. So, I tried it for at least a week more.

I found that using the gun was much easier and more enjoyable than a roller - and made a bigger difference. I personally have felt a difference in the way my legs felt when running longer distances. Quite often my feet cramp, and I feel like I have numb feet - I believe that it is caused by my tight calves. It wasn't a chore and quite fun. I even managed to con my partner into a full body massage (easy tiger - I know what you're thinking).

Overall, I am pretty happy. It isn't quite the same as a professional massage, but for £100 you can use it time, and time again.


Is the Actigun Legit?

It is expensive, a little bit of a meme and not something I'd like on the bedstand if guests come. But the question is whether I would recommend the Actigun Massager.

I suppose I would actually. My experience is based on using it for sports injuries/ tightness - so in that context, I can say that I would say it may be worth it. It may be a good investment if you're working out for performance.

Otherwise, it is a good thing to buy your partner if you want to con them into giving you a massage that requires almost zero effort on their part. It is a good plot.


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