A template for: ‘taking child out of school for holiday’ letter

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Taking your child out of school can be a bit of a nightmare. Especially, when the teacher is the person who decides whether you can go on holiday during term times. It seems a bit unfair, but the law in the UK means that students can only go on holiday in exceptional circumstances, or at the discretion of the school.

So, it means that getting written communication to your child's teacher needs to be perfect. It needs to state exactly when you plan to go on holiday, state the importance of the family holiday to you and your child, and also account for the time that your child will be missing at school.

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Here is our template for: 'taking child out of school for holiday' letter (if you want a little more from the letter, then you can find 4 more detailed examples here):



The text is as follows

Dear [Teacher's Name],

I am writing to request permission for my child, [Child's Name], to be absent from school from [start date] to [end date] due to our family's planned holiday. We have made all the necessary arrangements and will be travelling to [destination] during this time.

I understand the importance of regular attendance in school and the impact it has on my child's learning. However, we believe that this holiday will be a valuable experience for our family, and we do not want to miss this opportunity to spend time together.

We assure you that we will make every effort to minimize any disruption to our child's education. We will provide [Child's Name] with any necessary assignments or classwork that they will miss during their absence, and we will ensure that they complete them upon our return.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to your favourable response.


[Your Name]

In short, the aim of the letter is to be polite, and respectful and to communicate fully that you understand the consequences of taking your child out of school during term times. Teachers understand that a holiday during the school holidays can get very expensive, and it is often much better to go to during term time. Also, you may have a good reason for taking your child out of school - like an opportunity to see grandparents, or loved ones abroad.

As a breakdown, you should first start by stating exactly what you're planning, and give the teacher a clear understanding of what your holiday plans will entail. This includes the dates and destination of the holiday.

Secondly, you must acknowledge that you understand that taking your child out of school will have consequences for their learning. It will also tell the teacher that you understand this process, and understand their job as the teacher. This will enable them to trust your judgement as a parent.

It is also a great idea to detail why you wish to take your child away during term time. Is it that you have special arrangements to see family? Could it be a great learning opportunity for them (learning a new language, exploring a culture different to our own)? All of these could give the teacher reason to believe that the holiday is more than lazing in the sun.

Finally, it is always great to let the teacher see that you've already planned for the lessons your child will be missing. It could be a great idea to ask for the next few weeks of tasks, or learning materials that you can take on holiday! This will tell the teacher that the child will not be left behind and make them feel more comfortable about them leaving.

Final Thoughts

This taking a child out of school for a holiday letter should be personal. We've given you a template, but you should go the extra mile to make this letter one that seems like it is written by you - a person. The more personal the letter is, the more chance you will get a favourable outcome.

Good luck and enjoy your holiday (hopefully)!

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