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A quack snack? You can now buy DUCK jerky in Marks & Spencer

duck jerky M&S

I was browsing the snack aisle of my local M&S today (looking for reduced Percy Pigs, a favourite hobby of mine. Once I found bags selling for 50p and I bought about 15 of them), when something stopped me in my quacks (sorry, tracks).


It was a bag of duck jerky, something I've never seen before anywhere else. I have to say, my first thought was - eww. I'm not a huge fan of duck and something about eating those cute little guys I sometimes feed at the pond makes me feel a bit ill. But once I thought about it for a bit, I realised that I'll quite happily eat beef jerky, so if duck jerky is also healthy and tasty then I shouldn't be so hypocritical.


And actually, in many ways this duck jerky is healthier than the beef jerky from M&S. The duck jerky contains 130 calories per bag, whereas the M&S peppered beef jerky contains 160 calories per bag. The duck jerky also contains 10.1g of protein per 100g, whereas the peppered beef jerky contains 9g of protein per 100g.

So as long as you can get on board with the idea of eating Daffy & Donald, switching your beef jerky for duck jerky might not be a bad idea.

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