8 candles you can buy that are better than a Yankee Candle

For some people, a Yankee Candle is as good as it gets when it comes to great-smelling candles that you can buy here in the UK. They're easily one of the biggest candle brands in the UK, and their iconic jars can be found in just about every major high street shop which sells candles.

But despite their popularity, we don't actually think they're all that good, and we actually think that there are lots of other candles for sale in the UK which are much better than Yankee Candles. We wanted to highlight some of the best alternatives, let's get into the list:

Air Wick 

When you think of Air Wick, you probably don't immediately think of candles. But the range of candles from Air Wick is actually pretty good, especially the Winter Walks candle we tried which really reminded us of the Winter Woods scent from Yankee Candle. It's only 105g in size so it's quite small, but for £2 it's pretty well priced and about a third of the price of the 104g candles from Yankee. View the candle here -

Air Wick Winter Walks

The White Company

As you can see from our image, we've already used this large candle from The White Company and we've really enjoyed it! In terms of price, The White Company is actually often more expensive than Yankee Candle in many instances. But we think that it's well worth the price - this large candle from The White Company cost us £65, which is a lot of money for a candle, but you do get about 70 hours burn time.

The White Company candle

Compare this to the offering from Yankee Candle - a large candle which costs about £20 and which has a 60 hour burn time - and you might be tempted to go for the Yankee Candle options, but trust us when we say that the candles from The White Company feel and smell much nicer in our opinion. View their range here -

Willow + Bay

We've included a number of candles from B&M in this guide, because it is actually a great place to head to for reasonably priced, great-smelling candles. The first B&M brand we'll include in this guide is Willow + Bay, probably our favourite of the bunch. We tried the Bergamot and Cedarwood scent, which really reminded us of the Exotic Bergamot candle from Yankee Candle, but is half the price. View the Willow + Bay candle here -

Willow + Bay Candle

Scented Candle (Linen)

The Scented Candle range from B&M does exactly what is says on the tin - these are really nice smelling candles, especially the Linen scent that we tried, and we're also big fans of the design of them. The cork lid gives the candle a look which would work in any room of the house, and cork lids aren't something you'll find the in the Yankee Candle range. At just £5 per candle these are really good value, especially considering you'll get an estimated 65 hours of burn time. View the product here -

Scented Candle linen

Palette No21

We've only ever had one candle from Palette No21, but it was much cheaper than anything we'd ever bought from Yankee Candle and the scent we bought (White Jasmine, pictured) actually reminded us a lot of the White Jasmine Blossom from Yankee. It's quite hard to get your hands on one of these and we couldn't find them online, but you may find them at your local B&M store.

Palette no21 candle

Downtime Scents

A smaller brand in the UK is Downtime Scents, who launched in 2018 but are stocked in independent shops across the UK. Their range of scents is actually inspired by Yankee Candle scents, so many of the scents are similar. The main difference is the price - as with all of the other brands included in this guide, the candles from Downtime Scents are a fraction of the price of Yankee Candles. Explore the full range here -

Downtime Scents candle


Sold by B&M, the Homestead range of candles is cheap and we love the Coconut and Soft Sandalwood scent. At just £2.50 per candle, they're about a third of the price of the small Yankee Candles and smell just as good in our opinion. We also really like the design of the holders the candles come in. You can explore the Homestead range on the B&M website here -

Homestead candle

Linen Primark candle

Primark often gets a bad rap, and deservedly so in many cases, but we genuinely think their candles are pretty great. This Linen candle from the Primark range not only smells great, but it's also very well priced at just £2 per candle. We also really like the hexagonal jar that the candle comes in. The Small Jars in the Yankee Candle range are a similar size but cost more than 4 times as much, so we think this is a pretty great bargain. Learn more and buy it here -

Linen Primark candle

Final thoughts

Yankee Candles are good, but we do think they're overrated and that you've got lots of other better options out there to try. Hopefully this guide has inspired you to get out there and try them!

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