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33 Fuel Daily Greens Powder Review (How does it compare to AG1?)

Published by Finn Hayden

AG1 has become one of the biggest well-being trends on earth and has carved the way for other brands that produce green powders. There are several high-profile brands (we've reviewed a number of them now) who compare themselves with Athletic Greens and offer their products as a contender for one of the best alternatives to AG1.

Today we have turned our attention to 33 Fuel, which has branded itself as a competitor to AG1 and has a flurry of awards that certainly make the product look like the real deal. Plus, the branding and the packaging is exciting, fun and funky.

So, let us get to 'green tax' and discover whether the 33 Fuel Daily greens are worth your time and money!


Who is 33 fuel?

The company was set up by Erica & Warren who have created one of the most popular sports nutrition and supplementations brands in the UK. It seems as though their brand is very highly reviewed for the whole range of their products, and they have picked up a number of awards which makes their brand stand out.

But, do the greens stand out in terms of substance? Let's find out:


What are the ingredients of the Daily Greens?

The Ultimate Daily Greens contain:

Pea protein, Organic wheatgrass*, Organic Ceylon cinnamon*, Organic barleygrass*, Organic chlorella*, Organic spirulina*, Organic kale*, Organic broccoli*, Organic spinach*

What separates the 33 Fuel daily greens from other similar products, is the use of Pea protein. Protein is essential for every bodily function, so this inclusion is great - however, pea protein has a very strong flavour that is reflected in the reviews.

33 Fuel brand their greens as an alternative to AG1, but if we compare this list of ingredients with AG1, that is 9 ingredients and roughly 9x less than the market leader.

As it stands, this is a very basic mix of veg/ spice/ pea powder.

The size of the bag is also something to mention as it is 159gs in total which makes a single serving 5.3g.

33 fuel green powder

What do the greens taste like?

The greens themselves are not dissimilar from other green powders on the market. They have that classic grassy-fishy flavour that is hard for some people to enjoy. There are several reviews on the 33-fuel Trustpilot and they all say the greens taste horrific, this is undoubtedly caused by the Pea Protein which has it's own unique flavour.

The overall flavour is certainly not as good as FS-Greens for example (who use lots of fruit powder) but not as bad as the reviews make out. It is not the flavour that should put you off of33 fuel.

33 Fuel Ultimate Daily Greens Vs AG1

One of the most popular pages on the 33fuel website is their landing page which positions their product as an alternative to AG1.

We should be clear, the two cannot be compared. AG1 is a more specialised multivitamin and nutrition product, while the 33fuel daily greens is a very simple mixture of algae, spice and veg powders (at least compared to AG1).

To try and compare them is like comparing 4 wheels with a car. A car has wheels, but 4 wheels are not a car.

So, if you are looking for a breakdown of the nutrition/ vitamin contents of each, then we didn't want to spend all the time outlining each vitamin and mineral, knowing that the difference would be dramatic. Just to give an example, the vitamin C contents in 33fuel 6.8mgs and AG1 boasts 420mgs.

While the people at 33fuel need to market their product and try to catch a trending moment, the marketing is verging on unfair and transparently a little bit of 'slight-of-hand' marketing.

But, let's take the two at their merits:

The company display both prices: AG1 is £97 while theirs is £29.99. As seen in the screenshot below.


Screenshot taken from 33fuel website

Clearly, the two prices are very different.

If we are going to make a fair comparison, it is better to compare 33fuel greens with Naturya Green Superblend. If we did that, then 33fuel would be significantly overpriced for what it is: 1g of 33fuel is roughly 18p per gram, while Naturya is only 5p per gram.

So, in a round-up, AG1 is a significantly superior and more complex product, but 33feul offers a good green powder, if not a little expensive when compared with other similar products from other brands.

Simply to end on a high note, the packaging from 33fuel is vegan and recyclable, and also they pledge themselves to sustainability goals they list on the product page.

Final Thoughts

The Ultimate Daily Greens from 33fuel may be award-winning, but it certainly isn't ultimate, nor should it be compared with Athletic Greens AG1. When it is compared against other similar greens, it doesn't fair too well.

In an attempt at being fair, what 33Fuel offers is a convenient way to spruce up a morning shake or add a greens powder, when you're picking up one of their other products.

Would we recommend you to buy the Daily Greens by 33 fuel? Sadly not.  It is a really sad case of brand over substance.

Have you tried the Ultimate greens by 33 fuel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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