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Ripon – guide for visiting this North Yorkshire cathedral city in 2023

By Finn H | Jun 22, 2022

Despite being the third-smallest city in England, the smallest in Yorkshire (by population), and one of the oldest cities in England, you’ll be surprised at the number of things to…

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Bodmin – guide for visiting this Cornwall town in 2023

By Finn H | Jun 20, 2022

Bodmin is a town where there is a surprising amount of things to see and do and which is featured in our guide of the best places to stay in…

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Truro – guide for visiting Cornwall’s only city in 2023

By Finn H | Jun 17, 2022

Unlike many of the locations in Cornwall that we’ve written about previously such as Boscastle, Truro is a city – it’s actually the only city in Cornwall. However, although you’ll…

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Kingsbridge – guide for visiting this lovely town in 2023

By Finn H | Jun 14, 2022

If your idea of the perfect getaway involves a lot of walking, then you can’t do much better than Kingsbridge. You’ve got easy access to a number of beaches and…

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Totnes – guide for visiting this lovely historical town in 2023

By Finn H | Jun 12, 2022

As soon you enter Totnes, you get the sense that there is a lot of history attached to the place. Dating back to 907 AD, Totnes is a market town…

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Sidmouth – guide for visiting this lovely town on the English Channel in 2023

By Finn H | Jun 8, 2022

To the Southeast of Exeter, you’ll find Sidmouth, a lovely little gem of a town that we feel not enough people know about. Beautiful gardens, regency history, and lovely beaches…

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This £200 paddleboard from Lidl actually looks pretty good

By Finn H | Jun 11, 2024

Summer is finally here (apparently), and I’m looking forward to visiting Loch Lomond with my paddleboard, as I did last year. I love paddleboarding and have tried both expensive paddleboards…

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These peanut butter pouches seem like a great idea for ultra marathoners & distance swimmers

By Finn H | Jun 3, 2024

I love visiting my local Holland & Barrett for a few reasons. Firstly, I love a bargain, and Holland & Barrett is a great place to head to if you’re…

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Waitrose Essential baked beans are a vegan bodybuilder’s dream

By Finn H | Jun 1, 2024

I’ve been following a (mostly) vegan diet recently, and one of the things I’ve found the hardest about this kind of diet is getting enough protein into my system each…

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UK Waitrose stores now stock Tim Tam biscuits – and they really want you to know about it

By Finn H | May 25, 2024

I’ve heard people talking about Tim Tam biscuits for years – when I say “people”, I actually mean “Australian people”, because it has been almost exclusively Aussies that have told…

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7 of the best low calorie lagers you can buy

By Finn H | May 2, 2024

Despite the huge increase in the availability of craft beers over the last decade, a simple lager is still the most popular type of beer in the UK. In fact,…

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Taking a close looky at the Zooki

By Finn H | Apr 23, 2024

Have you heard of these Zooki things? They’re supposed to be a more effective way of getting vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients into your diet because they allow you to…

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Newcastle United want to sell their 2024/2025 season shirts exclusively through JD Sports – and Mike Ashley isn’t happy

By Finn H | Apr 9, 2024

A deal is reportedly being struck between Newcastle United and JD Sports to sell the Magpies’ iconic black and white kit exclusively through JD Sports shops for the 2024/2025 season,…

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You need to try the Enriched Eggs from Waitrose

By Finn H | Apr 6, 2024

If there’s one place to head to for a great selection of eggs, it’s got to be Waitrose. Over the years we’ve spotted everything from quails eggs to blue eggs…

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Don’t be fooled by the lab coats and test tubes – the rise of Andrew Huberman was driven by men who want to feel more masculine

By Finn H | Mar 29, 2024

Andrew Huberman, a Stanford University scientist, is currently being “cancelled”. An NY Mag article was published last week which outlined how Huberman skillfully managed to maintain relationships with 6 women…

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Best Lion’s Mane Capsules & Supplements We’ve Found in the UK (& Where to buy them)

By IMo | Mar 1, 2023

  While medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries it is only recently that mushrooms like Lions Mane become a daily consumed supplement in the western world. What are the…

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4 of the best turmeric supplements we’ve bought & tried

By IMo | Jan 30, 2023

These days, the trend that seems to be taking steam is using natural substances as a supplement, or alternative, to traditionally marketed pharmaceutical medication. There are plenty of these businesses…

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9 of the best Athletic Greens AG1 alternatives we’ve tried

By IMo | Sep 26, 2022

If you listen to (it feels like) any podcast on Spotify then you’ve probably come across Athletic Greens AG1. Joe Rogan, the biggest podcaster in the world, gives his personalised…

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British Supplements Review (Turmeric & Tongkat Ali)

By IMo | Sep 26, 2022

Anybody who has read other articles I have written on You-Well will know I am big on well-being supplements. From Cordyceps and Lions Mane, all the way to Vitamin C…

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